REVIEW: Sleek MakeUp Blush (Pixie Pink, Life’s a Peach)


Hello there!

For my inaugural post I’m going to share swatches and review two of my favourite blushes from Sleek MakeUp. They retail at $15 on Luxola, and come in a variety of colours. I got mine in Life’s a Peach and Pixie Pink, another I had was the coveted Rose Gold, but I gifted that away. Anyway, mosey on down for more pictures.

These blushes come in a compact black case, with a small mirror. Brushes are not included.
Each measure about 4cm by 3cm.


Life’s a Peach is a matte coral, Pixie Pink is a matte cool-toned pink powder blush.


Both colours were swatched without primer, two layers each. From the picture you can see that the colour payoff is rather good, two swipes is enough to achieve intense colour. However that being said, these blushes are slightly chalky so you will need to use face primer to keep them on.


Both colours are very wearable, I use them for my usual everyday look. A bit goes a long way, so these babies can last me for a long, long, time. When applied lightly with a brush, these give a natural flush of colour. Word of caution: apply with a light hand, unless you’re going for a clown look.

Do you own other Sleek Makeup blushes? Share your thoughts below!



6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Sleek MakeUp Blush (Pixie Pink, Life’s a Peach)

  1. I haven’t tried their blush yet but I have their highlighter, contour and highlight, and eyeshadow palette. Loving them so far. ❀


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