REVIEW: Rosebud Perfume Company (Minted Rose Lip Balm)


Today I’m going to share a wonderful lip product with everyone, the Rosebud Perfume Company’s Minted Rose Lip Balm. I’ve read on many other blogs about how good this balm is, and suckered for one on Luxola.

I have sad, chapped lips, and this balm brings instant relief. A slick of this, and I’m ready to take on the world. (well, almost.)

The balm comes in a squeeze tube with a screw on cap, and is about the size of my palm. Very pocket and purse friendly.


In the tube it looks pink, but applies sheer on the lips with very slight shimmer.


It doesn’t feel heavy after application, neither does it streak. Another bonus is that I don’t need a mirror when slicking it on, because there’s no colour. Fuss free, me likey. There is a minty fragrance, and after application my lips feel a zing of peppermint freshness. It doesn’t sting nor is it intensely peppery, just a nice minty hum.

I love anything peppermint/spearmint, so naturally I’ll like this product. It’s lightweight, smells nice and provides the hydration to soothe tired cracked lips. An awesome alternative to vaseline or other greasy chapsticks available in the market. This makes a great base for lipsticks that are drying. Besides using it on my lips, I sometime apply some onto my parched elbows as well. (with a Q-tip, of course!)

Do you own other RPC products? Share your thoughts below!



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