REVIEW: Enavose Lipstick Review (Nude Rose)

Enavose Lipstick, Nude Rose

Enavose Lipstick, Nude Rose

A couple of months back I was at the local Metro department store, and noticed that Enavose set up a new counter there. That’s not the point, the point was: products were going at “buy-1-get-1 free”. Which meant, I had to buy something. Right? The salesperson told me this is a Swiss brand, and is relatively new in Singapore.

I grabbed two lipsticks at $29.90, one nude and the other, a bright red. Today’s post will be on the nude shade, since it’s sitting in my bag and I use it everyday. Pardon the stubby lipstick images below.

Product comes boxed (I chucked that away), lipstick is in a white twist-up pearlescent white case with silver accents. The name of the shade is on the bottom.

Enavose Lipstick, Nude Rose 2


Nude Rose is somewhat a warm peach without shimmer, as you can see I’ve worn out the bullet quite a bit. It’s stubby now.

Enavose Lipstick, Nude Rose 3

I wouldn’t call this a lipstick per se, the product applies more like a lip butter. Perhaps comparable to Revlon’s Peach Parfait Colourburst Lip Butter? The colour applies sheer, the swatch below is two layers of product. I do find the consistency of the bullet to be very soft, mine smooshed a bit after a few weeks of use.

Enavose Lipstick, Nude Rose 4

I’ve been trying for the longest time to find a suitable nude. I have fairly dark lips, so this gives a very natural sheen and provides adequate moisture to my lip. However, re-application is required because the lipstick transfers when you eat or drink.

Do you own other Enavose lipsticks/products? Share your thoughts below!



2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Enavose Lipstick Review (Nude Rose)

    • Hi Abi!
      The brand is new to me too, I really love the colour and texture but it’s a pity that the bullet can’t hold it’s shape. It’s hot out here, maybe that’s why.



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