REVIEW: ModelCo Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen & Lip Balm SPF50+ Review

ModelCo Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen SPF 50+

This product review is on ModelCo’s Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen & Lip Balm SPF50+. I got it off my usual haunt Luxola, when I ran out of my usual sunscreen. I didn’t find many reviews when I got this, so thought why not do everyone a service and share my thoughts. I had hoped that I would love this product. I mean, it’s SPF 50+ and comes with a lip balm! How awesome is that?

What it claims to do:
– tinted coverage for flawless finish- non greasy, dries matte
– flip top SPF full spectrum strawberry lip balm

There’s a bunch more benefits that are advertised, but those two above screamed out to me. This product costs SGD$35, so far I’ve not seen it anywhere locally besides on Luxola.

A nice pink squeeze tube of SPF 50+ UVA/UVB goodness, with a equally yummy smelling lip balm. Look at the cheery combination!


I got it in the default shade, which should suit most light to medium skin tones. However, I found it to be a tad bit orangey on me. If you look at the photo below, where the edge of the sunscreen is, you’ll see that the edge dries out to a orange sheen.

The lip balm looks orange in the pan, but applies sheer and colourless. I don’t use the it often because I don’t particularly like applying stuff with my fingers, and also because the balm doesn’t apply well. It feels like wax, and I had to use my fingers to warm it up before it decided to be pliable. Messy business, I’d say.


After blending out, the orange-ness remains, but I usually trudge on and pile on my foundation. So, that doesn’t really bother me. But the finish does. I bought it because of the high SPF and the product’s promise of being mattifying. However, my face felt oily after application and I had to spend a couple of minutes for the sunscreen to air dry before continuing my makeup routine. That’s not all, this sunscreen makes my face shiny  in a matter of 2 – 3 hours. When I blot my face with tissue all my makeup transfers!

One time I was wearing white, happened to touch my face then went on to adjust my top. The sunscreen got onto it. Not cool man.

One more thing, if you’re wondering how it smells like, I’m glad to share there’s no sunblock scent. (I actually don’t mind that really.)


I don’t think I will repurchase this, but this won’t keep me from trying out other products from ModelCo. What I love is the high SPF, what I don’t love is the shade, finish, and texture. The price is okay for a high SPF product, but other than that I’m sorry to say I’m not sold on this item.

Do you own other ModelCo products? Share your thoughts below!



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