REVIEW: Mirenesse Power Lift Micro Dynamic Foam Cleanser & Micro Bead Massage Cleanser


I recently came across this Australian brand called Mirenesse. I’ve been on the hunt for the longest time for a decent facial scrub and chanced upon these on Luxola. They’re mini tubes of the scrub and cleanser, and are 10g each. On Luxola they’re priced at $12 & $9 respectively. If you ask me, I find it a tad bit expensive for something that’s travel sized. If not for a promo, I guess I would not have gotten them.



On the left is the Power Lift Massage Bead Cleanser and on the right the Power Lift Foam Cleanser. Both come with a screw on cover that looks luxe because of the gold accent. They remind me of those spa boutique items.

What Mirenesse says:
“A gentle triple pearl micro exfoliator that gently removes skin build-up and stimulates and detoxifies the skin of the face and neck. This luxurious beaded gel effectively polishes skin and exfoliates dead skin cells gently to restore a youthful glow.”

In my words – ” Nice gel exfoliator that actually has big enough beads and smells of citrus.”

Application for scrub:
Apply sparingly to damp skin and massage for one minute. Rinse off. Use 2 – 3 times a week.
Ideal for congested skin types with enlarged pores, dryness, breakouts and uneven skin tone.

What Mirenesse says:
A soap free luxurious velvet foam rapidly emulsifies to effectively cleanse, purify, and rejuvenate your skin in one simple step. Transdermal technology works to ensure this unique formula deeply penetrates your skin, leaving you with the softest, pure, most youthful looking skin.”

In my words – “Okay cleanser. Lathers well and rinses off without my face feeling parched. Same citrus smell. A good to have, not a must have.”

Application for cleanser:
Apply a small amount to damp skin, lather and rinse. Ideal for all skin types.


Check out the granules in the bead cleanser. They’re adequately sized for scrubbing the face. I actually like it quite a lot. You know some scrubs which has beads so tiny, it feels like you’re not getting the exfoliation you need? Well, I have no complaints with this. I find this rather effective, my face is supple after working those granules and I feel my skin looks brighter. A pea-sized amount suffices. I use it every other day and this 10g tube can be stretched for about 3 weeks, if you’re a scrooge like me.

I didn’t take a photo of the cleanser, it’s a cream cleanser that’s white in colour and lathers up. I felt it was an okay cleanser, comparable to the drugstore brands. It didn’t leave my face feeling stripped of hydration but it didn’t strike me as something that I definitely needed to have in my stash.

My rating:
Exfoliator: 4/5 (-1 for price)
Cleanser: 3/5 (-2 for price and performance)

If I had to just get one out of the two, I’m going for the exfoliator.

Other things you may be interested to know about Mirenesse products:
cruelty free | paraben/sulfate/formaldehyde/pthalates/synthetic fragrance free

Have I found my go-to scrub? No, the full sized tube costs SGD$40-ish which I find too pricy. I’m going to try St. Ive’s or Skin Food’s scrubs next. Comment away if you have something that you swear by; I’d love to know!




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