REVIEW: E.L.F Studio Moisturizing Lipstick – Coral Cutie

elf moisturising lipstick coral cutie

Today’s review is on e.l.f Cosmetics’ Studio Moisturizing Lipstick in Coral Cutie. There was a period when I was obsessed with lipsticks (particularly coral ones) and this eventually ended up in my stash. Well, there was a 50% off sale at e.l.f. So.. why not?

Price: USD$3 online
I got mine during a 50% sale so it’s USD$1.50 which roughly converts to SGD$2

elf moisturising lipstick coral cutie

As you can see, the lipstick is a shade of heartwarming creamy watermelon coral and smells faintly of vanilla. I usually prefer my lipsticks without any scent, but I can pass on this.

Packaging: Compared to the other lines of lipsticks that e.l.f has, the Studio Moisturizing Lipstick range comes in a black plastic casing. Not too shabby IMO, as compared to the Essential Lipstick which really looks just like kid makeup. I used to have the lip exfoliator and it was TERRIBLE.

Imagine this – You just got a parcel in the mail and you’re all excited to check out your haul. You open up the first item – the lip exfoliator. You pop the lid open, twist up the bullet and the next moment.. THE WHOLE THING FALLS OFF. No joke, that happened to me. The damn thing just broke in the case and tumbled out as I was twisting it out of the tube. Meh

elf moisturising lipstick coral cutie

I love the consistency. The lipstick is super pigmented, and creamy. The swatch above is two layers of product. Look at that intense melony coral! How’s that to cheer up a gloomy day. But be warned. Exfoliate your lips else this lipstick will accentuate dry flaky skin. I also found that it stains a bit. However, it did not bleed into the lines of my lips and I required minimal touch-ups except after meals.

My rating: 4/5 (-1 for dryness)

Right, so this is my only e.l.f lipstick and I am rather curious how Pink Minx and Wink Pink would look in real life. We all know e.l.f’s website images are notoriously inaccurate. Hit me up if you have reviews, I’d love to see the swatches!




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