REVIEW: Skinfood Coffee Scrub for Body


Happy 2015 everyone! Right, so today’s post is on Skinfood’s Coffee Scrub for body (or I like to just call it Coffee Body Scrub) that came in the mail last night. As usual, I got it off my favourite haunt, Q0010.

Price: SGD$11.90
(varies from seller to seller. I got mine here and used some coupons. So I paid SGD$8.30 )
If I remember rightly, the 100ml tub of the scrub retails locally for about SGD$26, the one I got is a 160ml tub. SCORE!

Do you love coffee? I sure do. In fact I’m certain I’m a coffee addict. I need to have my daily morning cuppa and on days when I don’t, I feel like there’s this compelling need for me to go to the nearest cafe/stall for one. Only after satisfying this insatiable need then can I function normally for the rest of the day. So, of course it sounded like a great idea to get my hands on this scrub. It’s coffee!


Packaging: Comes in a tub with a screw on cap. Upon opening there’s another flap (the white one) which serves as a lid to prevent water from going into the pot during a shower. I don’t know about you, but somehow the skinfood packaging reminds me of Ben & Jerry’s and it didn’t help that the scrub smelt of vanilla. Hard to resist not taking a lick out of it. :/


See, the scrub looks like some sort of jam/spread. With the tub, it’s easy to forget this is not food. Hahaha.

I was anticipating the aroma of freshly ground coffee to hit me once the tub was open. In fact, the smell I was expecting was something along the line of a nice piping hot cup of coffee on chilly mornings. Mmmm coffee. But nope, this does not smell remotely of a fresh cuppa joe, it smells of vanilla and if you sniff closer, a tinge of coffee and citrus. I was a little disappointed the scent did not present itself as I expected it to, but its okay.

Here’s the bit of scrub that was on the cover. You can see that it really is quite grainy, with some semblance to coffee grounds mixed with brown sugar. After-all this is a scrub so it is supposed to help gently exfoliate the dead cells off your skin. Consistency wise it is a little sticky to the touch, but once you incorporate water and start the scrubbing motion, the stickiness fades away and the sugar/salt granules dissolve. Very fuss free.


“Tub says: A body scrub that contains ground coffee, salt, sugar and honey extract, and transforms skin into a soft and smooth texture.” — well, I sure agree on that one.

My rating: 5/5 (no complaints!)

I used to have The Body Shop’s scrubs permanently in my stash, but after trying this.. I’m a convert. Not only is the product gentle on skin, it is also cheaper than TBS. I didn’t experience dry skin after usage, as with sometimes I get when I use TBS products. My only grouse? No spatula to scoop the contents out. Yes, yes, I’m a clean freak. I hear you.

Try this! It’ll sure add a zing to your shower routine.




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