REVIEW: Sleek MakeUp Face Form, Fair


Today’s post is on Sleek Makeup’s Face Form Palette. I’ve had it for a while, but it’s been sitting at the bottom of my drawer. I have this habit of making sure I finish using the current item I’m using, before opening up a new product. So, I’ve been using Sleek’s palettes for a while now, and it never really dawned on me to swatch them until I started blogging. This is the Face Form Palette in Fair, which is something of a mashup of the Blush for 3 palettes and Face Contour Kit.

Price: SGD$22 on Luxola
(I got mine during a 35% sale, making it SGD$14.30)

For something of this price, it’s a steal. The pans measure about 3.2cm by 5cm, whereas the full sized blush measures 3.5cm by 6cm. The palette contains 20g of product, which divides to about 6.6g per pan. For the full sized mono blush, it’s 8g of product for SGD$14.

Read more about my review on Sleek’s mono blushes in Life’s a Peach & Pixie Pink. ❤


Packaging: The palette has 3 pans, which contains the bronzer, highlighter and blusher. The one I have is in Fair, and from what I know the difference between Light and Fair is the bronzer shade. Light’s bronzer is a tad bit darker. Everything else is the same. The palette is very sleek (heh, punny) and comes with a compact mirror. No brush included, I like to use my own so it’s ok.


Here’s the swatches, the contouring powder is a matte brown (reminds me of chocolate milk). The highlighter is a shimmery beige, with white undertones. The blush is a warm coral with gold undertones. Now this is interesting. I find the blush to be very close to the Rose Gold mono blush and the middle shade in the Lace Blush by 3 palette. The difference I find is, Rose Gold has more gold, and the one in Lace palette is a deeper shade of coral. I did find the contour powder to be a little chalky, but the formula of the highlighter and blush stayed on for a while.

My rating: 4/5 (chalky contour powder)

The colours are very pigmented, my swatches are two layers each. I find the blush to be very versatile and should compliment most skin tones. The highlighter will probably replace my eye pencil for my inner eyes and brow arches. Also, the palette’s size and contents also makes it a good travel essential. However with most Sleek products, a little goes a long way. I see this palette serving me for a reeaaaally long time. 😀

Do you own the other Sleek contour palettes? Share your views!




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