REVIEW: DERMAL Collagen Essence Face Masks



Aloha! Today I have another Korean skincare product to review, and that’s Dermal’s Collagen Essence Masks. They retail at SGD$9.90 for a bundle of 32pcs on Q0010 and you get to choose the variants you like! (8pcs per variant). I stumbled on these while browsing and since I was out of mybeautydiary masks.. why not? It’s really affordable.

Price: SGD$9.90 ~ 32pcs (thats 31cents per sheet)

I love variety, and this is precisely what Dermal offers. The ones I got are just a fraction of their 27 variants available. Imagine that! I use one sheet every night before bed, and have noticed that my complexion has become more hydrated and clear looking. Of course I don’t credit that entirely to the mask. Adequate rest and consumption of water is vital too. 🙂



Packaging: Mask comes in a opaque sealed pouch, variants are differentiated by the corresponding colour and ingredient on the front. Now, they have some interesting flavours like: red ginseng, herb (not sure what herb/s), syn-ake (pack has a snake on the front :/ ), platinum, gold, charcoal.. quirky if you ask me. Also, every variant has a number code on the top right of the flipside.

Benefits of the mask are printed below the ingredient. For example, look at the snail mask above, and you will see “regeneration, moisturising, nutrition” as described. The other variants have similar properties, but mainly gravitate around hydration, moisturisation, firming, nutrition and regeneration.

Scents: Let me try my best to describe the smells of all the variants. None of them smell bad, in fact they smell somewhat similar and resemble light fruity scents.

Aloe: smells clean, atypical to most aloe based products
Green Tea: smells refreshing, no obvious tea scent but similar to the “clean” vibe that aloe has
Hyaluronate: smells like Hada Labo’s toner, with the slightest tinge of alcohol
Collagen: I suspect it may just be the same scent as Hyaluronate
Pomegranate: fruity but not overly sweet. My favourite so far
Royal Jelly: scent reminds me of royal jelly shampoo, sweet-honeyish. Not overpowering
Q10: again, smells like the collagen one
Snail: almost floral

I bought the snail one out of curiosity. With all the rave about snail creams and what not, I wanted to see what the hype was about. Initially I wondered, who would want to put snail slime on their face? Well, eventually I did. Hahaha


I like the masks. To be honest, I don’t really care for the qualities they proclaim on the packaging. I see masks as a great way to relax after a hard day at work, to soothe off the stress and rejuvenate skin that’s been relentlessly parched by the unforgiving office air conditioning.

Most masks just have holes for the eye area. Dermal gives you the option of opening or closing the eyeflaps. That’s genius! Now I can choose to put the mask while taking a nap (with the flaps up) or while I’m doing other things like knitting. (with the flaps down)


Here’s a close up of the cotton blend. I’m quite impressed. Unlike the mybeautydiary ones which are too thin and tear easily, Dermal’s is made of cotton blend and adheres to my face rather well. I’m not sure if its because I’m Asian and Dermal is a korean brand which happens to have products catered  to Asian face shapes. Hmm, food for thought.

After you take the mask out of the pack, there’s no dripping. You know some masks which have too much serum in them, and goes dribbling about as you put them on? You won’t have this problem with Dermal. I used it while lying down and did not experience liquid running down my neck. That’s awesome. Usually with other masks I’d have to stuff a tissue down my tee to act as an absorbent barrier for running liquid.

After usage, I remove the mask and gently tap my face until the excess serum is absorbed. Then I go to bed. Well, this is not an overnight miracle sheet, but after continued usage I have noticed a more radiant face with lesser sebum and pimple outbreaks.

My rating: 5/5 (no complaints!)

It’s cheap, it does what its supposed to, and exceeds expectations with the optional eye flaps. I’m a happy camper and will most definitely repurchase when my stash runs out.

Would you be interested to give Dermal a shot too?




2 thoughts on “REVIEW: DERMAL Collagen Essence Face Masks

    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply, I was away in Tokyo. The Dermal masks didn’t break me out (then again most items don’t unless there is a lot of emollients in them) as I have combination skin. But if you’re looking to try, I would suggesting using a test patch or using just 1 mask before committing to a bulk purchase 🙂

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