REVIEW: Innisfree Jeju Peach Hand Cream


Hello hello! Today’s post is on Innisfree’s hand cream range, which I got in Jeju Peach. As usual, I got it off Q0010. I love brightly coloured stuff and to be honest, I’ve never really used hand cream. Except for now, my hands are getting drier by the day and I need to start moisturising.

Price: SGD$5.90 here
(I’ve no idea how much it retails locally, I’m too much a online shopaholic :/ )


From Left (Top Row) to Right: Hallabong (Tangerine?), Fig, Jeju Peach, Tangerine Blossom, Sugar Berry, Cedar, Lotus, Gardenia, Peanut, Rose

There are many variants for this hand cream, more than 12. They just recently launched their summer range which has Lychee, Mango.. Yum. Buying this was really very much based on guesswork. The listing’s description of the cream is in Korean – which I can’t read – and the translation in English is.. lets just say it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t flatter the product.

So, to play it safe, I got the Jeju Peach Hand Cream. (well peachy stuff is always bound to smell good, right?)


Packaging: Comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a screw on cap. Item is 30ml in size, with the date of manufacturing stamped on the flat end.


For a better sense of the size, here’s a photo of it against my hand. It’s really quite small and will fit well into a purse.


Foil sealed for freshness, so if you get one that doesn’t have this, send it back immediately!


The cream is white, and smells absolutely DIVINE. The scent is of a sweet peach, but not overly sweet that it’s nauseating. This reminds me of the Victoria’s Secret body mist, minus the overpowering sweetness. Upon application, the cream is not overly greasy. I can still go about texting and it doesn’t smear all over my phone. Also, the scent lingers for a good hour or two. My hands feel refreshed. I LOVE THIS.

Though I do wish they have a bigger size for this, the current price of SGD$5.90 keeps me content with the 30ml.

My rating: 5/5 ( ❤ it!)

I’m loving this so much I’ve ordered Hallabong and Sugar Berry. Will give a follow up post when they come in the mail!

Tell me, which scent interests you the most?




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