REVIEW: Leaders Insolution – Mediu Foot Peeling Mask


DISCLAIMER: This is a very foot intensive post. If you get icked out by peeling feet, please skip the post. But, you may in the process miss out on a really good foot exfoliator.

Okay, I have not blogged for a while because primarily, the Lunar New Year was coming and I was insanely busy. Secondly, this product took me about 2 weeks to see some results. This is the Leaders Insolution Mediu Foot Peeling Mask (you guessed it! Korean brand again). And why did I use it you say? Well I needed a quick fix for my poor feet, and besides it’s way cheaper than getting a pedicure during the festive season. (SGD$11 for 2 packs VS. SGD$38 – $80 for a pedicure)

Price: SGD$11.90 for 2 packets
(varies from seller to seller. I got mine at



About the mask: This Foot Peeling Mask is a self-exfoliating mask which is specifically designed for feet that are dry, coarse, chapped and cracked or hard and rough. The AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) formula gently exfoliates and removes dead skin and bad odors from your feet, leaving them baby soft, healthy and hygienic. Its 33 vegetable ingredients provide nutrients and moisture, keeping your feet soft and smooth.


mediu 5

Packaging: Your regular friendly sealed pack, which opens up to reveal two pieces of foot masks which are also sealed.

How to:

  • Cut the foot peeling mask with scissors and wear it on cleansed on dry feet, fixing the adhesive sticker to your ankle.
  • Remove and rinse with water after 1 – 1.5 hours. Soaping not needed.
  • After 3-5 days, dead skin on your feet will peel off naturally. Do not peel off dead skin by force.

So if you can visualise, from the photo above, cut along the middle line to separate the masks. Then, slot your feet into them, tear off the tabs (photo below) and tag them like you would normally wearing shoes with velcro straps.



How my feet looked like while masked. I could manage walking around and didn’t slip, but I don’t recommend it. Just make yourself a nice hot tea, settle with a book or watch some telly. The mask takes about 90mins. After which, you remove them and wash off any residue. During the course of the mask, I felt a slight tingly sensation. It wasn’t uncomfortable nor painful but it makes you aware that the product is doing it’s thing.




Scent: I imagined it to be rather acidic since it is a peel, but was surprised it smelt similar to Dettol or antiseptic products. Fresh and sanitary.


Now that I’m done talking about the product, lets dive into the results.. or rather, my foot journal.


DAY 1: The dead skin on my heels were so thick and dry, they were cracking. Prior to the mask I used a pumice stone, a foot file, but they failed me. My soles were sandpapery from the filing and rubbing, but did not improve.


DAY 2: In this photo you can see that my feet are looking slightly pruney and waxen. During this time my soles felt waxy and there was a visible tight sensation. I reckon it was because the dry skin was being prepped for peeling.




DAY 6: Fast forward a few days, you can see the skin is looking flaky and some areas are beginning to lift. With a bit of abrasion from footwear I gradually began to shed skin. Now the mask mentioned a one week fix but I’m pretty sure it varies from person to person. My experience was about 2 weeks. Either that or I had too much dead skin going on.



Not a pretty sight, I know.



Here you can see the ball of my foot, the heel and pretty much my toes starting to peel. The layer to be shed is now looking gray and cracks are becoming more apparent.



DAY 8: Most of the skin has peeled off, revealing pink soft soles. I still have a little bit of dead stuff to shed but overall my feet are looking good.


Here’s a closeup of my happy heel. No cracks, no dead skin!

My rating: 5/5 (super loving this!)

This is my holy grail foot product. Forget the pumice stone, foot file, your manicurist. With a bit of patience and time, you can have soft supple soles. I have to say though, I cheated a bit. I peeled off the dangly bits during the shedding phase. It doesn’t hurt but was a wee bit of an eyesore.

That being said, I do recommend not using this if you know for sure you’ll be wearing a lot of open toed shoes (think summer) because the flakiness is a sight. It’s like sunburn minus the pain. But if its something you don’t care for, go for it. I for one will surely stock up on this foot mask. YOU MUST TRY IT, it’s cheap, reliable, pain free and overall awesome.




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