REVIEW: Innisfree Jeju Hallabong & Sugar Berry Hand Cream


Today’s post is a continuation of Innisfree’s hand cream range. Since it’s stormy now, I figured why not write some reviews. The scents I got this time are: Hallabong & Sugar Berry. Previously I did a review on Jeju Peach. As usual, I got it off Q0010. This will be a rather short review, since the benefits are pretty much the same, I’ll be talking more about the scent of the hand cream 🙂

Price: SGD$5.90 here


From Left (Top Row) to Right: Hallabong (Tangerine?), Fig, Jeju Peach, Tangerine Blossom, Sugar Berry, Cedar, Lotus, Gardenia, Peanut, Rose


Packaging: Comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a screw on cap. Item is 30ml in size, with the date of manufacturing stamped on the flat end.



The cream is white, same as Jeju Peach and applies without the greasiness. In terms of hydration it’s pretty much the same across all three tubes, but I find myself reaching for seconds when the scent fades off. I like these guys.

Hallabong: This smells of warm citrus, similar to The Body Shop’s Satsuma products, but a wee bit more mandarin in it. A very summery scent that reminds me of orange popsicles.

Sugar Berry: This smells of Christmas. I can’t quite put my finger on it but the scent is a little like cranberry. It like one of those mixed berry room candles from Ikea but less sweet. Overall a pleasant scent.

Between the three, I like Hallabong the most. Primarily because I love orange based products, so naturally I gravitate towards citrusy items. I can see these babies being very useful in cold places, and they fit well in small bags or purses!

My rating: 5/5 (still love it!)

Do you have other variants to share?




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