REVIEW: Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Foam


I am still on the hunt for facial scrubs, and came across Skinfood’s Black Sugar Scrub Foam. My previous review on the Coffee Body Scrub left me rather impressed with Skinfood, hence I got the black sugar scrub foam.

I bought this off Q0010 and it shipped direct from Korea. (yay parcels!)

Price:  SGD$10.50 here. (I think it retails locally at SGD$26)


A foaming scrub that contains mineral enriched Brazilian black sugar. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells and leaves skin soft.

To use: Take a moderate amount of the foam on a wet hand and lather it sufficiently. After massaging it over your face, rub gently, rinse off with tepid water then finish with cold water.


Packaging: Comes in a translucent plastic squeeze tube with a screw on cap. Item is 160ml in size, and comes sealed. I personally like the packaging. It allows me to see how much product is left in the tube, and I get to control the amount to dispense.


The scrub is off white, and you can see that it’s rather grainy. One thing that I didn’t fancy so much was the scent. It smells lemony, almost like a household cleaner. Think JIF, it really smells that artificial 😦



The above photo shows the sugar granules more clearly when the foam is spread out. Scent aside, this scrub works pretty well. As you massage your face, the sugar grains slowly exfoliates and melts away. After rinsing, I observed that my face did not feel squeaky, meaning that the product did not strip too much moisture. Also it wasn’t oily after washing, so no second cleanse was needed. My face felt bouncy and fresh to the touch.

I would still re-purchase this product, given that I think it’s a good scrub. The grains provide adequate exfoliation without scratching my skin. But skinfood, please change the smell of this. Maybe something more like black sugar? I still have this fleeting thought as though I’m applying kitchen cleaner onto my face whenever I use the scrub. :/

My rating: 4/5 (not big on the lemon scent)

What do you think about skinfood’s scrubs?




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