REVIEW: E.L.F Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint, Pink


I’ll be sharing on the E.L.F Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint in Pink today. Recently I got a stash of stuff from their 40% sale, and this is one of the items that I was rather excited about.

Price: USD$3 on e.l.f (it’s USD$2.40 now!)


Packaging: Comes in a black (matte) sleek twist up tube, with the center bearing the shade colour. The actual bullet is about 2cm long. The plastic is sturdy, and the cover closes with a click. (woohoo no shoddy tubes!)


Here’s a close up of the bullet, the colour is a nice subtle pink, with very fine shimmer.


Swatch time! So from the photo you can see that the colour is very light, it’s a wash of colour and really is just a “tint”. However it doesn’t stay long if you eat or drink and it doesn’t stain, so re-application is necessary.

On the lips it’ll just appear ever so slightly pinkish, cos I have darker lips so this didn’t really show up all that much. I would think this will be a really sweet flush of colour for girls with fairer lips. That being said, the product did moisturise and also, it tasted sweet. Not that I purposely took a lick, but I just ended up eating it by accident. The sweetness is akin to aspartame. Weird, I’d rather it be tasteless.

Size wise, this is a good balm/tint to carry around. The product is creamy, you can see the wetness in my swatch, so I don’t know for sure if it can handle being in a purse without melting or glooping. I sure hope not, in our hot 30 Celsius weather.

My rating: 4/5 (cheap, good, minus the taste)

Have you tried the other shades in this range? I was musing to give Guava or Berry a shot, share with me if you have them!




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