REVIEW: DERMAL Collagen Essence Face Masks


Remember a couple of months ago when I first shared my thoughts on Dermal’s Collagen Essence Mask? Well, I’ve done a re-purchase and this time, in four exciting variants! (I know, cucumber isn’t the most exciting kid on the block.. but the other three are!) 😀

In case it’s your first time at eatmycrayons, Dermal is a Korean brand and I came across these on Q0010. You get to choose the variants you like (8pcs per variant) and they ship direct from Korea.

Price: SGD$9.90 ~ 32pcs (thats 31cents per sheet)

There are about 27 variants available, I’ve covered 8. With today’s four, that’ll be 12. Still barely making the halfway mark but we’re getting there.


Packaging: Mask comes in a opaque sealed pouch, variants are differentiated by the corresponding colour and ingredient on the front. Every variant has a number code on the top right of the flipside.

Benefits of the mask are printed below the ingredient. For example, look at the gold mask above, and you will see “brightening, moisturising, health” as described. The other variants have similar properties, but mainly gravitate around hydration, moisturisation, firming, nutrition and regeneration.

Scents: Here’s the tricky part, they all smell good but I’ll try to describe them further.

Cucumber: Your typical good-guy cucumber scent. Light, fresh, clean.
Platinum: I have no idea how real platinum smells like. This, is a little fruity. Berry-ish?
Charcoal: Smells just like Clean & Clear’s foaming facial wash. A little peachy.
Gold: Smells like Platinum. I reckon for the oddball variants Dermal probably used the same fragrance.

Who’d want metallic smelling masks? I wouldn’t. Just saying.

Also, the ingredients are on the flipside of the packaging. In my opinion this is rather rare for Korean cosmetics or skincare, most either come printed in Korean, or do without. So most of the time I really don’t know what goes into them but now, there’s CosDNA.


Recycled image of the sheet masks, they are made of blended cotton and adhere to my face pretty well. During usage there’s no dripping or dribbling. I can go about doing chores or other things without being bothered by liquid running down my face, which is great.

Another point which I’ve noted before, the masks come with eye flaps. You can choose to keep the flaps up or down, depending on your mood and needs. Awesome!


Close up of the cotton blend. It’s much stronger than other masks I’ve used before and does not tear as easily.

I usually keep the masks on for about 30 to 45 minutes, then remove them and pat any excess serum onto my face. Then, bedtime!

My rating: 5/5 (still adoring these)

I love it for variety’s sake, as well as the low price and immensely good quality.

Would you be interested to give Dermal a shot too? Which variants should I try next?




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