REVIEW: 3CE Lip Pigment [Bright Orange & Gentle Pink]

3CE Lip Pigment, Bright Orange & Gentle Pink

Midweek post! (well, almost.) Right, so I reckon most of you would have heard of 3CE and how amazeballs their products are. I’ve yet to entirely try much of their stuff, today will be a review on their lauded Lip Pigment which I got in Bright Orange and Gentle Pink.

Price: SGD$22 on Luxola

3CE Lip Pigment, Bright Orange & Gentle Pink

Packaging: Product is boxed (which happens to be just like the tubes you see.) and each corresponding shade has a colour bar below the black. Lip pigment is in a small black squeeze tube with a screw on cover. The opening of the tube is relatively small, so you get better control at dispensing the pigment. The tubes aren’t big, they are about maybe the size of your pinky finger.


3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment from Korea works primary as a lip colour, and can be added to powder products to become an eyeshadow or blush. It can also be blended with another colour for your own unique shade.


  • Highly pigmented and requires only a single drop for long-lasting effects.
  • Can be used on lips, eyelids and cheeks.
  • Can be mixed with powder products or other Lip Pigment colours.
  • Applies smoothly and evenly.

3CE Lip Pigment, Bright Orange & Gentle Pink

On the left you have Gentle Pink, which is a Barbie-esque cool toned pink, and Bright Coral on the right which is a warm shade of salmon. The pigments are very intense in colour, the hand swatch was one layer. It dries to a semi-powdery finish and gives your lips a matte look.

3CE Lip Pigment, Bright Orange & Gentle Pink

Like I said earlier, this dries matte. So.. if you have chapped lips like me, please exfoliate prior to application. Look how flaky and parched my lips look.

3CE Lip Pigment, Bright Orange & Gentle Pink

Both shades are very wearable, and I love the colours. What I don’t love so much is the dryness and powdery feeling it leaves when the pigment is set. Eating and drinking is fine, there was minimal transfer.

You can mix and match the different shades to get your own custom colour, which is another plus point to the product and the Lip Pigment serves more than one function. It can also be a cheek or eye colour, which I think I may use in that sense instead since it settles into the lines of my lips.

The pros:
– sturdy packaging
– multi functional (lip, cheek, eye)
– very pigmented

The cons:
– dries out the lips, accentuates flakiness and settles into fine lines
– powdery finish

My rating: 4/5 (love the colour, hate the dryness)

There’s a bunch of shades available, but I don’t think I’ll be getting any more of these since they dry out my lips so much.




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