REVIEW: Enavose Lipstick [Crimson Red]

Enavose Lipstick, Crimson Red

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s review will be on my other Enavose lipstick in Crimson Red. Previously I did a review on the other Enavose lippie I have, in Nude Rose.

Price: SGD$29.90 for two (I think the promo is over)

Enavose Lipstick, Crimson Red

Packaging: A nice, sturdy pearlescent white tube with twist up mechanism. The colour shade is printed on a sticker at the base of the lipstick.

The colour is a cool red, great for people with fair complexions like me. I’m currently in this “red phase”, I usually gravitate towards lip colours that are nude/coral/my lips but better, but recently I’ve been more adventurous and trying out colours I wouldn’t normally wear.

Enavose Lipstick, Crimson Red

Here’s a hand swatch, the formula of the lipstick is very much like a intense balm. The colour is very pigmented, and my lips feel very moisturised when using this. There’s also a wet slick when it’s on the lips, very much like the hand swatch. However the major con would be that the red transfers to your teeth when you talk or eat.

Please don’t use this on a first date, in fact.. any important dates.

A pity though, I reckon I can probably use this on days when I don’t feel like talking much? The lipstick pretty much transfers to any surface you put your lips on, which is quite a shame really. After eating and drinking, the red will stain your lips until you use makeup remover. Not something I’d fuss about since most reds would stain anyway.

My rating: 3/5 (moisturising, but transfers to teeth)

Another thing I noticed was that the bullet is also relatively soft and tends to smoosh after a while. I would recommend applying this with a lip brush. If you’re not dainty about it, you will shear the whole bullet off and that would suck big time.

I really want to love this but unless I don’t intend to speak, this lipstick will sure make an impression.




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