LANEIGE Sun Block Supreme SPF 50+

Sample story time! Since the weather is scorching now (I’m talking 35 degrees celsius/ 95 degrees fahrenheit), I figured I need some form of sun protection. It’s so hot out here one moment, then thundery showers the next. Today I have Laneige’s Sun Block Supreme SPF 50+ to review. I actually wanted to get this at the boutique but they ran out of stock.

Price: SGD$35 for the full sized product

LANEIGE Sun Block Supreme SPF 50+

Picture taken from Laneige’s website.

LANEIGE Sun Block Supreme SPF 50+

Packaging: This is a deluxe sample, which is about 10ml. The product comes in an opaque squeeze tube with an orange screw-on cap.

Product Benefits:

Powerful sunscreen + waterproof formula that resists water and sweat

– A highly functional sun cream with SPF 50+ to block UVB that causes melasma and freckles, and UVA that causes loss of resilience.
– The waterproof formula is great for daily use and for outdoor activities.
– Ensures high sun protection factors, but the light and supple water drop formula has no whitening effect.
– The sebum-absorbing powder attaches to sebum to leave your skin matte and clean.

* Functional Sunscreen Cosmetic *
Efficacies/Effects: Protects your skin from UV rays (SPF50+/PA+++).

LANEIGE Sun Block Supreme SPF 50+

This doesn’t smell of your typical sunblock, instead the fragrance is the same as their toners and emulsion. A light, clean fragrance. The sunblock is white and after blending out it doesn’t leave a white cast. Here’s a photo of my hand after the sunblock was spread out.

LANEIGE Sun Block Supreme SPF 50+

Observations include: Tends to feel a little tacky after application, so I usually put on just enough to protect my skin to feel as dry as possible. When spread out, the sunblock feels a little greasy. I use this for both face and body and have not experienced any adverse effects so far. I reckon the waterproof aspect of this contributes to the tacky feeling I get.

As for the matte effect, it doesn’t entirely work on me as I have combination skin which tends to be oily around the T zone. After just a couple of hours, I could feel the sunblock sitting on my face and it just overall felt greasy. On the body it’s fine though. Perhaps this product doesn’t work as well on the face for me, but I’m satisfied with it being used on the body. What I like is the smell and the SPF 50+ SPF it provides.

My rating: 4/5 (oily after a while)

There’s an aqua version of this sunblock, I haven’t tried it yet. Have you?




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