LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Today’s review is on my favourite item from Laneige, something that I use when I’m too lazy to apply 4 products nightly. You know on some nights when you come home late, hop in the shower and just want to dive into bed? Yeah.. I just slap this on and go to sleep.

Price: SGD$45 for the full sized product

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Picture taken from Laneige’s website.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Packaging: The basic sample is in Laneige’s usual opaque sachet, whereby one sachet can serve up to 4 applications. For the deluxe sample, it is a miniature blue tub with a screw on cap. Similarly for the full sized product, it is a blue tub with a screw on cap.

Product Benefits: (I took it from Laneige’s website, pardon the English)

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX

How to:

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX

The sleeping pack is a water based gel that is light blue, and smells the same as the rest of the water sleeping line. If you haven’t smelt it before, it’s a nice, soothing clean scent. Something like soap, but fresher.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Reminds me of sherbet, no idea why.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX

What I usually do is to use this before I go to bed (sleeping pack, duh!). So after showering, I apply my toner then skip the emulsion and essence and go straight to putting on the sleeping pack. One dollop is all I need to massage my face with, then off to bed! The next day, the sleeping pack would have been absorbed with little residue, and this can be easily washed off with any cleanser.

Observations include: Although the boutique staff recommends 2x applications per week, I’m able to use this every other day without issues. What I love and see is that my face is more bouncy and supple, and I don’t look as haggard as compared to days when I skip this. (laziness gets you nowhere)

My rating: 5/5 (hydrates, leaves face bouncy)

If I can only afford one item from Laneige, this is all I need 🙂




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