REVIEW: 3 Concept Eyes Fresh Aqua Mist Mini

3CE Fresh Aqua Mist

I’ve not actually used a makeup setting mist until recently, and I got the 3CE Fresh Aqua Mist and MUFE’s Mist & Fix Sealer just to see if they’re helpful in saving my makeup from melting. Today’s post will be on the 3CE one 🙂

Price: SGD$8 on Luxola

3CE Fresh Aqua Mist

Packaging: Comes in a black box bearing the 3CE branding, and product is in a transparent plastic spritz bottle with a black snap on cap. Also this is the mini which contains 30ml of liquid and is good for bringing around.

3 Concept Eyes Fresh Aqua Mist Mini is the main product’s miniature version. It hydrates the skin or it can be used as a base to set makeup so it lasts longer. The easy to carry Mist Mini is non-sticky and gives a refreshing and healthier skin.

Ingredients: Uhm, I didn’t do my homework prior to purchasing and I just realised this is chock full of parabens. :/

3CE Fresh Aqua Mist Ingredients

Scent: Floral perfume scent, not overly strong and fades shortly after application.

3CE Fresh Aqua Mist

The nozzle is pretty fine and distributes a fine spray, so you won’t feel a splash of liquid on your face.

I used this in 2 ways, one was as a pick me up spray while the other was as a makeup fixer.

As a pick-me-up, this provides much relief when the weather gets too hot. After spraying, the liquid dries within a minute and my face didn’t feel sticky to the touch. Refreshing, yes. As to the advertised benefit of giving refreshing and healthier skin, I didn’t notice much difference. If you ask me, I don’t think using a spray intermittently on my face would give me sudden ravishing skin.

As a makeup fixer, I can toss this out the window. This didn’t prevent my makeup from running. On the contrary, it made my face oilier faster than usual and caused my eyeliner to migrate (although I did use an eyelid primer). Maybe it’s not suitable for me, I don’t know for sure.

My rating: 3/5 (not entirely useful for keeping makeup on)

I don’t think I particularly love this, given that it did nothing to make my makeup stay and functioned nothing more than a facial spray. Have you had a better experience with this?




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