REVIEW: Country & Stream Honey Body Cream

Country & Stream Honey Body Cream

Since it’s been depressingly rainy this week, I decided to do a review on something that looks real cheery and reminds me of good times. This is none other than my Country & Stream Honey Body Cream. Check out the happy yellow tube, with a cute teddy in towel to boot!

Price: ¥500 for 200g (I think, I got this in Tokyu Hands when I visited Tokyo last year) I’ll be heading there again in October and will update with the price when I see it there.

Country & Stream Honey Body Cream

I can’t read Jap. If you can, please tell me what the banner above says. All I can tell is this is hydrating (保湿成分) and inferring from the hand image and the bear, something to do with skin and honey. Hahaha, pictionary game here. 🙂

Country & Stream Honey Body Cream

Packaging: Opaque squeeze tube with a flip top, doubles as a base so the tube can stand vertically. Brand new tubes should come vacuum sealed

Ingredients: Honey, organic aloe juice, royal jelly extract,Hyaluronic acid, collagen, beeswax, chamomile flower extract

I pretty much know next to nothing about this brand, and google didn’t provide me with much leads either.

I remember getting this while roaming around Tokyu Hands in Takashimaya, Shinjuku. I have to say, I pretty much lost my marbles there. Tokyu Hands is something like a DIY/Stationery/Crafts/Lifestyle Shop. It’s a good 7 floors of all things intriguing and I practically spent half a day ambling through aisles of the weird and wonderful. Of course I spent the most time in the Beauty floor. A guy friend introduced this body cream to me, saying he swears by it when he’s in cold wintry places.

A guy recommending this to me? I’m in. It must be good.

Scent: Sweet honey that lingers on for a long time Country & Stream Honey Body Cream

This is really a cream lotion/moisturiser and it is heavy duty. On the tube it says for rough and dry skin. I typically use it before bedtime on my elbows, shins or generally areas where my skin gets dry and scaly. I tend to be generous during application cos I like to imagine my skin slurping up the moisture and regaining its bounciness. Also, it smells really good. Sweet but not cloying. Looks almost good enough to eat.

Country & Stream Honey Body Cream

Here’s how the skin looks like after blending out the cream. There is a slight tackiness to the touch so I won’t recommend application during the day – as I’ve tried and it made me feel sticky and grubby in our hot humid climate. However that being said, if you live in a place with cold and dry seasons, this would be perfect for you. I used it in Japan when it was about 13 degrees and I loved how my skin was protected and hydrated. I would say this can be a replacement for those expensive cold creams.

My rating: 4.5/5 (Cute bear, nice smell, moisturises but feels heavy in humid countries)

This also comes in a small purse size tube for about ¥170, good souvenirs if you ask me. With so much to love, it’s a bummer that this is not carried locally. I guess I can probably get a couple more tubes this time when I’m back in Tokyo. Can’t wait!




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