REVIEW: My Scheming Beauty Blackhead Removal Carbon Mask Set (我的心机黑头终结粉刺拔膜组)

My Scheming Beauty Charcoal Black Nose Peel

Happy July everyone! Time flies, we are now half-done with 2015 with just 5 months more to go! Today’s post is on the “My Scheming Beauty” 3-step blackhead peel set. The actual name is superbly long, so I’ll just stick with blackhead peel. In this set, you get a pore sebum softener, the blackhead removal mask, and the skin clarifying pore treatment essence.

In gist, this is a 3 step blackhead removal mask set. Soften, apply mask, close pores thereafter. Easy as pie. 🙂

A colleague of mine recently went on a trip to Taiwan, and I asked for a favour to get a set of this. (at her convenience, of course.) I’ve been using the Biore blackhead strips forever, and wanted to try something new for fun’s sake.

This retails for 800NT, which converts to about SGD$8

Price: SGD$16-29 on Qoo10

My Scheming Beauty Blackhead Removal Carbon Mask Set (我的心机黑头终结粉刺拔膜组)

Packaging: Sleeved box with translated contents and instructions, items are housed in their respective snap on windows. Makes a presentable gift, if you ask me. Note that the original product has a holographic sticker on the spine of the box. Say no to fakes!

Scent: Slight floral scent across the range, nothing overly cloying.

My Scheming Beauty Blackhead Removal Carbon Mask Set (我的心机黑头终结粉刺拔膜组)

For easy reference there are indicators on the tubes, 1 is the pore softener and I guess they forgot to label the black tube 2. 3 is for the aftercare essence.

This video sold me in, just watch it. I know I enjoy my facial treatments a lot, but sometimes all I want is a quick fix and this seemed to be just the thing I needed.

In a nutshell this was how I used the product:
1. Wash and dry face
2. Apply the softener to well, soften the blackheads for the carbon mask to better adhere to them
3. Apply the black mask. Make sure it it thick enough to cover the blackheads but not overly thick that it takes forever to dry
4. Wait for mask to dry
5. Moment of truth – peel the mask off
6. Marvel at the countless black/whiteheads that came out
7. Apply the treatment essence. It works like a toner, to tighten the pores and prevent future blackheads

Here are my results:

My Scheming Beauty Blackhead Removal Carbon Mask Set (我的心机黑头终结粉刺拔膜组)

My rating: 4/5 (Big stubborn ones remain)

This product is excellent for removing the teeny weeny fine blackheads, but will probably do nothing for the big old stubborn ones. Then again it doesn’t bother me that the big ones don’t get ripped out since I sometimes use the codemo stick to remove them. I have used this on the apple of my cheeks, my chin (that’s like a blackhead minefield), my nose and T-zone. Results yielded were satisfactory with minimal discomfort.

Would I buy this again? Yes, but not in Singapore. Anyone going to Taiwan soon?




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