REVIEW: COLOURPOP Haul #2 [Sheer Lippiestix, Super Shock Shadow, Super Shock Cheek]

Colourpop Haul #2

Oh yay! My second Colourpop haul finally arrived. Previously I talked a bit on the first Lippiestix mini haul I got, read about it here. This time, I got myself a couple of the new Sheer Lippiestix, one Super Shock Cheek and three Super Shock Shadows. I’m pretty much still swooning over them.

Sheer Lippiestix: Crunch, Safari
Super Shock Cheek: Holiday (matte)
Super Shock Shadow: Plunge, Amaze, Tassel

Colourpop Haul #2

Price: USD$5 for a lippie stix/supershock eyeshadow/lippie pencil, and USD$8 for a blush/bronzer/highlighter
Note that the blusher is larger than the shadows. They come in a white container with a twist cover.

Lippiestix - Crunch, Safari


The first thing I noticed was that Crunch resembled closely to Button, but one is sheer finish while the other is satin finish.

Scent: A faint vanilla scent

Lippiestix - Crunch, Safari

Crunch: A beautiful peachy coral. One swipe gives a blush to your lips, but you can layer it on for a brighter look. I’ve been reaching for this lately and I really love how natural my lips look. Compared to Button, this is less drying on the lips.

Safari: A bright orange that will compliment most skin tones. I’d probably call this Crunch’s bolder sister. More loud but not in your face. Application is smooth and doesn’t tug on lips.

Brink: I didn’t swatch this as I’m not out of my lipliner yet. What I do know is that the shade corresponds to it’s lippiestix.

Super Shock Cheek - Holiday

HOLIDAY! I love the name of this blush. This is a warm reddish coral that is very wearable. A little swipe of this gives a nice flush, and the colour is very buildable. This gives a matte finish. Another shade I’m thinking of getting is Fox, but the shades are rather close and Fox has slight shimmer to it.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek - Holiday Swatch


Colourpop’s blushes and shadows have an interesting texture. It’s a little spongy to the touch but not to the point where it’s creamy. On application, the product dries to a powder finish. I would think the closest product to this might be Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy blushes.

Super Shock Shadow - Plunge, Amaze, Tassel

The eyeshadows have the same consistency of the blush, that bouncy ethereal feel.


Super Shock Shadow - Plunge, Amaze, Tassel

Tassel: A true white eyeshadow with bits of chunky glitter. I did experience some fallout but otherwise this is great for highlighting your arches and inner eye.

Plunge: A pearlized light brown.  I use this frequently, and especially on days when I am rushing out. A dab of this and I’m ready to go. Out of the three, this has the creamiest formula and applies like a dream.

Amaze: Lives up to it’s name. This is a metallic finish shadow and compliments Plunge. I would say this is a shade darker than Plunge and is more brown. I use this on the outer eyelid area and it gradates well with Plunge.

These three shadows make a good starter kit for neutral eyes, and the colour payoff is fantastic. What I do notice is that as with the blush and shadows, I did find it a challenge to apply them with brushes. What I did was just to use my fingers, then for the blush I used a buffer brush to blend the pigment out.


My rating: 5/5 (affordable, great pigmentation, variety, ease of use with fingers)

I am truly in love with Colourpop, and can understand why everyone is raving about it. My absolute favourite would be the eyeshadows, since cream shadows available here aren’t usually that shimmery and they don’t last long on me. Would I get more? Probably. 🙂

What is your favourite Colourpop product? Show me your stash! 🙂




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