REVIEW: Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I have a review on the innisfree no-sebum mineral pact. I thought to do something non-Colourpop related, but truth is, I can’t wait for their 2015 Fall collection that’s rumoured to be launching sometime this week. YAY! ❤

So in the meantime before I get my hands on them, here’s my thoughts on the innisfree no-sebum mineral pact.

Price: $7.90 on Qoo10 (price ranges from seller to seller)

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact

Packaging: Small mint coloured clamshell pact with mirror, upon opening there’s a sponge puff separated with a plastic sheet from the actual pact.

Scent: Unscented. I was expecting some form of minty scent since the pact says “natural original mint”, but that’s okay.

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact

A closeup of the product. The powder is packed well and is very finely milled to the touch. No fallout, no crumbling, just satiny smooth.

I didn’t take a photo of the product applied on skin, since it’s pretty much transparent. What I will note, is that the powder has the ability to absorb sebum superbly.

I used this the first time at a friend’s wedding. No, I wasn’t there only for the luncheon, I was there throughout the day’s proceedings as a bridesmaid.

I was wearing makeup from 4.30am until well after 4pm.

The pact came in handy for touch-ups and sebum absorption. For the duration of the day my face was not as shiny as compared to not using this. The pact made me feel… refreshed. At least I didn’t feel like my makeup was melting or tacking up, which is a good thing 🙂

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact

I didn’t use the puff that came with the pact. I used my Zoeva buffer, swirled around the pact then applied the powder. I reckon using a brush applies the powder evenly, and doesn’t smear off whatever makeup that you already have on.

My rating: 4.5/5 (Cheap and effective)

This also comes in a loose powder packaging, but I opted for the pressed powder pact after reading other reviews online that the loose powder version can get messy, and is prone to leakage.

Have you been looking for a good anti-sebum product? You may want to try this, it’s cheap and good!




8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact

  1. I have both, and the pact is so much easier to use. Not only is the loose powder more messy, but you have limited control as it doesn’t distribute as evenly, so more powder ends up on one place rather than evenly all over.


    • Hello! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Yea, I did read about some reviews saying the loose powder is slightly trickier to use. I wonder if it’s comparable to the mess that e.l.f’s HD powder causes for me.


      • hahaha I do experience some spillage and flyaway with e.l.f’s and I’m pretty sure the tub is larger than innisfree’s. With that in mind, I will probably stick faithfully to the mineral pact. (assuming the powder tub is smaller than e.l.f’s) I haven’t seen the actual item here yet, but god innisfree is sorta expensive here. I just followed your blog, love your insightful posts 😉

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