HEIDI TALK: Of thoughts, hopes and such.

Hello everyone, we are a day away from the weekend!

eatmycrayons has been live for a little while now, and I’ve truly enjoyed every moment spent on this blog. I thought to pen some thoughts (and questions I got) on why I started writing and also the hopes and dreams I have for this site.

Who are you, what do you do?
I’m Heidi, I live in Singapore and I’m in my mid 20s (if anyone is concerned demographically and geographically). I studied Mass Communications back in university and am currently working in a US email marketing MNC, servicing regional and global accounts. I have also worked in Louis Vuitton in my student days. I have a penchant for things in little packages (like travel stuff) and I really have an addiction to lipsticks but can’t care less for lip glosses. I have 11 hamsters that I adore, and have a soft spot for small animals. ❤

And.. I love adventure time. Yeah, really.

Jake the dog

Why beauty blog? There’s tons of those in the blogosphere
My answer to that is.. why not? Yes, there are many beauty blogs around but I reckon every single one is unique in their own way. Of course that being said, I’m specifically talking about the non-paid posts that are generated. We need some honest unbiased thoughts people!

Next, it is also to brush up on my English and widen my vocabulary. Yes, I can speak and write proper English but as with all languages lack of practice leads to rust. Case in point, my Mandarin. I can hardly write a proper paragraph now.

So.. eatmycrayons. That doesn’t sound too beauty/makeup related
That’s true. I love eating (but I dread growing tubby), and I love colours. Colours remind me of the pantone palette, the hexadecimal colours, the CMYK.. you get me. So crayons were the first colourful physical things that came to mind and voila, eatmycrayons. Also, makeup is colourful. Think of the cheek and eye colours 🙂

What do you wish to get out of eatmycrayons?
The sole intention is to share my first impressions and experience on the products I use and if I scored a good deal, to share them. Beauty can be inexpensive and yet perform as well, if not better, than high end brands. I’m not snobbing high-ends, I love my urban decay naked 1 palette. But for people who do not have the luxury of owning a pricey palette I thought it would be nice to have someone sharing the affordable and good stuff.

Why don’t you post photos of yourself wearing the products?
I haven’t gotten around to that. I’m not saying an absolute no to posting my face on the blog but I prefer the train of thought to be on the products, and not on how I look. Remember, honest and unbiased thoughts!

Are you looking for sponsorships/ fishing for likes and followers?
Firstly, about sponsorships. I would be thrilled if anyone takes notice of  my wee little blog and wants to send me stuff. It would certainly mean a lot to me, in the sense that I can actually make a difference in people’s purchase decision. Naturally, reviews will be factual and based on my experience with them. 🙂

If anybody is reading this, and goes “hey, maybe you can help review our stuff” – email me at contact.eatmycrayons@gmail.com

I’m not the most influential blogger in Singapore now but hopefully in future I’d be. At least that’s the goal. And goals are what motivate people to work hard.

Next, fishing for likes. We all know that there are people out there who really just want that follower count, that visitorship to the page, bumping your SEO results. Being in the e-marketing industry I would say it comes down to 2 things: do you want a placebo number or a pool of people who really care about what you have to share? Remember, quality over quantity.

I for one would prefer quality. In fact, a big thank you to my followers and those who took the time to read and drop comments on my posts. I deeply appreciate your time and your thoughts 🙂

So.. there you go! These are my little scribbles on why I do what I do. As always, thank you for reading!




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