REVIEW: Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Pads (Overnight)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review by Samplestore. Other than product information provided by the media press kit, all comments on the experience and first impressions of the product(s) are expressly mine, and not in any way influenced.

Kotex LUXE Ultrathins

Hi everyone! Today’s review is on Kotex’s LUXE Ultrathin Pads. I had the pleasure of being offered an opportunity by Samplestore to conduct a sponsored review on their Day and Overnight pads, which incidentally came in time for Aunt Flo. Unfortunately, I was sent two bags of the Overnight pads, so I can’t give my comments on the Day pads. 😦

Price: $5.95 at leading stores
If you reside in Singapore, you may redeem a free sample on Samplestore or at Kotex’s Facebook page.

Kotex LUXE Ultrathins

Packaging: Comes in a pack of 12, outer bag has drawstrings for easy access
(No more ripping open the outer bag like She-Hulk just to get to the pads!)

The individual pads come in assorted coloured sleeves, very sassy compared to the usual pastel wraps. I feel this adds some fun to having your period, since it’s not exactly the most comfortable or convenient time of the month.

Scent: Unscented

Advertised benefits:
Up to 3x faster absorption

The all-new Kotex Luxe® Ultrathin pad – the new revolutionary pad where softness and dryness comes together. The best of both worlds, a pad so comfortable that you may forget you have your period. Now you can still feel fabulous and on top of your game even on your period days, no more compromises!


I found some information online for the Day pads. It’s 24cm, winged, and sports the same packaging as the night ones.

Here’s how the Overnight pad looks like. It’s 32cm, and also has wings. I took out some  of them just to see the differences in the sleeving.

Kotex LUXE Ultrathins

Who says only a certain energy drink gives you wings, right?

This is lauded as “The pad that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault.” I can so relate to this. I’m a side sleeper and I am rather particular with the overnight pads I use. I have had many a time waking to stained sheets and having to scrub the life out of them is seriously no fun.

I almost exclusively only use winged pads (for security’s sake), and they need to be between 30 – 32cm long. Beyond that length, they stick out of my undies. With our hot weather here, I gravitate towards the ultra slim pads because they feel lighter, airier and I don’t need to deal with the pad bunching at the crotch.

Really, thick pads feel like diapers.

Kotex LUXE Ultrathins - closeup

Here’s my experience with the Kotex overnight pads:
1. Adhesive is strong enough to hold the pad in place, no warping or bunching
2. Absorption is really quick, I didn’t feel like I was sloshing around.
3. I had no overnight leakage, cheers to that. With some pads I have the problem of side leakage when the flow is heavy.
4. No itch. THIS. Ok, I have the problem of itching towards the end of my period and this helped prevent that as the pad wasn’t thick. A little bit of Vagisil helps too.

My rating: 4.5/5 (affordable, fast absorption, feels dry, no itching!)

These are my first Kotex pads, I’ve actually been using another brand for ages so these were a nice change. A pity I wasn’t sent the Day pads, I’d love to give them a go too. Have you used the Kotex LUXE Ultrathins? How did your experience go? Share your comments below!




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