REVIEW: LuLuLun Face Mask Sheets (Whitening and Extra Moisturising)

LuLuLun Face Mask Sheets

Hello everyone! I have a review on LuLuLun’s face masks today. I’m rather excited, as I’ll be headed to Tokyo this coming Sunday (can’t wait for the cool weather and awesome shopping!)

I grabbed these two 7-day packs off Qoo10, as I wanted to try out the brand before I go cray cray in the drugstores of Shinjuku. Apparently LuLuLun is a Cosme ranked product, so I thought.. must be good right? The silver packaging one is for whitening, while the purple one is extra hydrating. There is another pink variant, and it’s for hydration. In some sense, same same but slightly different from the purple pack.

Price: $11.90 on Qoo10 (price ranges from seller to seller)

LuLuLun Face Mask Sheets (Extra Hydrating)

Packaging: Ziploc bag, pack contains 7 mask sheets

Scent: Unscented.

LuLuLun Face Mask Sheets (Whitening)

If you can read Japanese, good on you. I can’t so I use the colours of the packaging to memorise what purpose each pack serves. Also the little sunglass/ pearl image on the packs help reinforce the idea.

LuLuLun Face Mask Sheets

Here’s how the sheets look like after you open the pack. They are all stacked together neatly, so you really do have to use them in sequence so as to avoid bunching or tearing of the masks. I like that it’s resealable, but I have read of other reviews raising concern about hygiene and longevity of the product. I’m not fussed about that, one week and I’ll be through with these.

LuLuLun Face Mask Sheets

The above photo of the mask (after use, sorry) was intended to show the quality and shape of the product. At first impressions, you’ll notice the mask is more oval than round. I daresay people with longer faces will find it a bit of a challenge for the mask to adhere to your face. I had a problem with the lip area not aligning totally with my mouth, but other than that all was good.

Also, there are no slit lines on the mask. It really is just a generic face shaped cut out sheet, steeped in serum. Next on would be the material. As you probably can see, the cotton blend is thinner that the Dermal masks I previously reviewed. Again, I read some reviews complaining about how these masks tore easily when removed from the pack, or when being unfolded. Interestingly I didn’t have this problem.

LuLuLun Face Mask Sheets

Here’s a close up. Some observations I had are that the mask dries out about 15 minutes into use, and there really isn’t much serum in the pack. There’s no dribbling as well. I would guess this range of masks is really just for basic everyday use. If you are looking for some form of high performance or intense sheet masks, this will not be the one for you.

Effects wise, I did notice clearer skin and lesser zits.

My rating: 3/5 (Cheap only if you buy it in Japan, good for day to day use)

My overall verdict for this product would be: if you have the opportunity to get them from Japan, then yes they will be affordable and a nice to have. However over here they retail about $16 at the local Isetan, making it $2.20 per sheet. For the price, I would stick to the Dermal ones I regularly use since the aftereffects are similar.

Have you tried LuLuLun masks? How did your experience go?




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