REVIEW: Shiseido Water in Lip Balm

Shiseido Water In Lip Balm

I finally got into my Japan loot and started using a couple of products. Today’s review is on the Shiseido Water in Lip hydrating lipbalm.

I remember it was the first day I landed in Tokyo. I was roaming along the streets of Shinjuku and was painfully aware that my lips were chapped. I don’t usually have this problem back home, but the air was a cool 19 degrees and somehow, my lips dried up. Well, beyond dry. My lips cracked and it hurt.

I scooted off to the nearest Family Mart I could find, and was faced with a rack of lip balms. Pretty much you name it, they have it.

Buying this was a game of eenie meenie miney mo. I went with something that promised hydration and had no colour.

Price: about 399 JPY (varies from store to store)

Shiseido Water In Lip Balm

Packaging: Carded vacuum sealed, the packaging will explain the benefits of the product. The balm is in the standard twist up tube.

The photo above are the backups I got, since we don’t have it here (for the two on the left). If I may, from the first on left is the ice mint variant, sakura (water in lip), coral colored from mentholatum, pink colored from mentholatum.

Scent: Mild minty scent

Shiseido Water In Lip Balm

It was a blind purchase, a grab and go experience but it didn’t disappoint. The lipbalm was a lifesaver. It hydrated my lips, so I wasn’t consciously licking them. Licking actually makes your lips more dry. The cooling sensation lasted for a while, and my lips didn’t hurt as much as without using it. Basically, I loved it so much I was using this throughout my trip. To heck with lipsticks.

Shiseido Water In Lip Balm

Here’s a swatch. Depending on what you get, mine was colorless. However you can see  a slight shine on the area applied.

My rating: 5/5 (purse must-have, but only available in Japan)

I love this lip balm, it’s affordable and does a great job at soothing chapped lips. The product applies really smoothly, and I can relate to the “water in lip” concept. If I were to visit Japan in future, this is definitely in my to-buy list.

What’s your favourite lip balm? I love the minty ones!




2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Shiseido Water in Lip Balm

  1. Does this lipbalm has SPF? And does it taste horrible when you put it on your lips? I had a long journal to find a good lipbalm, and pretty sure Blistex or Malibu Lip Care couldn’t satisfy me because they may smell good but everything turned into a nightmare when I put them on my lips


    • Hello! This lipbalm has SPF 20++, and is tasteless. It smells a little minty but is otherwise unscented. When you apply it on your lips the texture glides on smoothly and is not sticky or thick (like vaseline), but it does give off a minty sensation upon application which I like. Hope this helps!

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