PROJECT FINISH: [REVIEW] Korres, L’oreal, Earths Botanics, Biore

Project Finish Items #3

Season’s Greetings everyone! My, my. Where has 2015 gone? In this third installation of Project Finish, I have quick reviews of four items. Out of which 2 are hits and 2 are misses.

From left to right: L’oreal Evercreme Nourishing Shampoo, Earths Botanics Cucumber and Mint shampoo, Korres Wild Rose instant brightening mask, Biore UV Aquarich Watery Essence SPF 50+

Here are my thoughts, by item:

Project Finish Items #3

L’oreal Evercreme Nourishing Shampoo:
This product is among my favourite shampoos. There was a period of time when the ends of my hair were dry and hopelessly frizzy and this, my friends, gave life back to mychicken wire hair. This shampoo contains no sulfates nor parabens, and has argan oil in it. The shampoo lathers very well and is very moisturising. I recommend using it once or twice a week. Daily use may make your scalp oilier than usual. After usage I observed that my hair is well conditioned, less knotty and smells divine.

Biore UV Aquarich Watery Essence SPF 50+ Sunscreen:
This, this is my all time go-to sunscreen. It is very affordable, smells nice (citrusy) and dries to a powder finish. I don’t feel oil slicked when the product applies on, and the sun protection is high (SPF 50+). If anything, I will definitely stock up on Biore’s stuff when I revisit Japan.
For a full review, click here.

Project Finish Items #3

Earths Botanics Cucumber and Mint Shampoo:
I suckered for this because the tube said “cucumber and mint + manuka honey”. With that description, I was anticipating a crisp scent and the zing of mint but the product fell so short. Not to mention, this little tube cost SGD$26 and lasted me no more that 2 weeks. What a bummer. The consistency of the shampoo is like conditioner. It is gloopy, and can’t lather at all. After endless scrubbing and kneading my scalp, all I got was a lacklustre bit of foam and when the product washed off, it left my hair clumped and knotty. I’ll never repurchase this ever again.

Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Mask:
I love Korres, but I don’t love the wild rose range. Maybe its my skin, but whenever I use this mask, there is a stinging sensation. The mask is also rather runny and smells a little plasticky. Basically, this did nothing good for my face and I did not experience any whitening benefits. One of my other items to toss out.

Have you recently finished a product that you love, or hate? Share your experience with me in the comments! 🙂




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