REVIEW: Ora2 Stain Clear Toothpaste [Peach Leaf Mint]

Ora2 Stain Clear Toothpaste Peach

Are you a caffeine addict? Specifically, do you feel the need to have a cuppa joe in the morning? Well, that’s me. I’m pretty sure coffee is flowing in my veins. As with most coffee/tea drinkers, I face the problem of stained teeth. I mean, my teeth aren’t horrendous (in fact I used to wear orthodontic braces), but the drinks do take the sparkle out of my teeth.

So, I’ve been using whitening toothpaste from various brands to combat this problem. Darlie, colgate, crest, you name it. I’ve had varying levels of success but my go-to would still be Crests’ whitestrips. However those are expensive and I use them sparingly.

Today’s review is on Ora2’s Stain Clear toothpaste line. I got this randomly when I  was in a drugstore in Japan. Why? Because it’s peach  flavored toothpaste, I’ve not used this before, and the packaging says it’s a Cosme ranking #1 item. Therefore, I had to try it.

Price: about 750+ JPY (varies from store to store)

Ora2 Stain Clear Toothpaste Peach

Packaging: Vacuum sealed squeeze tube with flip top cover.

Scent: The smell of awesome, the toothpaste has the scent of iced peach tea, with a touch of mint. Very nice.

Ora2 Stain Clear Toothpaste Peach

The toothpaste is white and more gel-like than most conventional creamy toothpaste. I’ve only started using it, so I can’t attest to the teeth whitening/stain removal properties advertised. However, I will update when I’m through with the tube.

As of now, I’m quite contented with the fragrance and taste of the product. It doesn’t have an artificial chemical fruit flavour during brushing. Also, this gives me fruity fresh breath ❤

My rating: 5/5 (for now)

I reckon this will be on my shopping list the next time I’m in Japan. I remember there is a regular version and one more that’s purple. Possibly grape or berry. Anyway, they’re fun to use and if they really do remove stains, that’s a bonus. Other than toothpaste, Ora2 also has mouth washes, breath sprays and other oral care stuff. As usual, Japanese drugstore items are expensive locally, and can be found in medi-ya or Isetan Scotts.

Have you tried other toothpastes from Ora? How did your experience go?




2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Ora2 Stain Clear Toothpaste [Peach Leaf Mint]

  1. you should try the smile cosmetique toothpaste from jp, it’s grapefruit flavoured and really good too. If you can, try and get the Ora2 apple rose toothpaste because that has a uniquely sweet taste similar to the peach one as well!


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