REVIEW: Benefit Cosmetics – How to look the best at everything kit (Light)

Benefit Cosmetics How to Look the best at Everything (Light)

I passed by Sephora the other day and caused a dent in my wallet. Specifically speaking, I suckered for the Benefit Cosmetics How to Look the best at Everything kit, frankly because.. I don’t own the Hello Flawless foundation 😦 I’ve heard so many raving reviews about this product but stingy me was unwilling to splash a cool SGD$60 on the full sized item without first trying it. So, this was the best alternative. This kit comes in 4 shades, fair, light, medium, dark but I had a tough time deciding on Light and Medium as my skintone is somewhere in the middle.

The bright lights at the store didn’t help me much in choosing a shade, so I decided to just go with Light, since Medium’s Boing looked a little dark.

Price: SGD$53 at local Sephora stores

Packaging: Hardcover case, cosmetics are housed in an inner tray. The box can be saved as a keepsake for storing things 🙂

Scent: no scent

Benefit Cosmetics How to Look the best at Everything (Light)

What’s in the kit: The porefessional mini, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in I’m Pure for Sure, Boing 1 & 2, Hello Flawless powder in I Love Me, and an applicator brush.

Benefit Cosmetics How to Look the best at Everything (Light)

If you do the math, it’s about SGD$10.60 per product (which still isn’t exactly cheap), but sure beats the full retail price.

I’ll skip the swatches of the Porefessional and Boi-ng, and go straight to the Hello Flawless foundation as that was the one true item I cared about. Does this foundation live up to its reputation? Is it worth the 60 bucks investment?

Benefit Cosmetics How to Look the best at Everything (Light)

The swatch above is one layer of the foundation blended out. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the shade suited me perfectly, giving me a slight dewy and ethereal look. During wear time the foundation felt lightweight. I did not experience tackiness nor that ever familiar “I feel like my foundation is sliding off my face” sensation. I can’t properly describe it, but I’m sure you can relate to the instances when your face feels weighed down by the layer of makeup, especially in hot balmy weather.

Despite being lightweight, the Hello Flawless foundation provided enough coverage to evenly tone my face. With a tiny dab of Boi-ng, I could almost get away as having awesome skin. And that’s always a nice thing. For once, the advertised “flawless complexion kit” lives up to it’s claim!

My rating: 4/5 (expensive but worth the investment)

I would say this is one item I would probably spend money on. All you need is a little dot of product and the full size foundation is actually rather generous in volume, if you think in this context.

If I am to pick favourites, this would be among my top foundations (aside from the price). If I stumble upon this on sale I’d definitely buy a backup.

I would think this is a suitable candidate for the “no makeup” look. Do you own the Hello Flawless foundation? What’s your take?





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