REVIEW: Ora2 Breath Fine Spray [Orange]

Ora2 Breath Fine Spray

Today I have a random little review on a breath spray I bought in Japan. I got this out of curiosity, and really don’t have any idea if it’s good or.. tasty. I quite unabashedly admit that there are days when my breath is a little heavy, or sometimes when you run off to meet a client after lunch.. the last thing you want is your breath to reek of whatever you just ate.

Price: Blind guess of 300 JPY. My memory has failed me on the actual price.

Packaging: Blister pack with a whole lot of text. Since I can’t read Japanese, the little orange image and packaging colour helped greatly.

Scent: Orange mint. The menthol in this spray is strong.

Ora2 Breath Fine Spray

The size of this breath spray is similar to the sample vials of perfume we get at the counters, which makes it very portable and discreet.

Now the taste test. I intentionally had aglio olio before testing this out, just to see if the spray could mask the garlicky breath post lunch.
Two spritzes later, the garlic breath was considerably reduced. Not totally eliminated, but at least not pungent. The spray tasted like what I imagined it to be: a little like orange cough syrup. Not scrumptious but not disgusting either.

My rating: 4/5

Given the “emergency” function this spray serves, I can get over the taste. Maybe I chose a flavour that’s not as popular, I recalled seeing strawberry and one that I’d assume as original mint. Maybe those might be more palatable. Anyway, this is a nice to have, not a must have. If you happen to have breath mints with you, they’ll work too.

Have you tried this before? I know this can be bought locally at Meidi-ya but I’m not too sure how much it retails.




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