REVIEW: Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Cream

Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Skin Cream

Hi everyone! I’ve been so swamped over the past month but I finally found some time to blog today. Today’s review is on the Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Cream. Okay so to be honest when I heard about this, I was thinking:

“Horse Oil? What’s that? Is it horse fat? Does it smell?”

But when I was in Japan, I saw hoardes of mainland chinese tourists emptying shelves. Literally grabbing this product (and other stuff) by the armful. – I’ll sidetrack a bit. I’m Asian, I’m Singaporean Chinese but damn, when in Japan the Japanese gave my partner and I the “omg more mainland chinese” look. It’s only when we speak and then they realise from our accent that we’re not China Chinese, and magically the attitude changes into warm japanese hospitality.

In matsukiyo I had the first hand experience of witnessing two mainlanders arguing in the drugstore. One of them had swiped ALL the ebisu face masks from the outlet and the other was sore that she didn’t manage to score any. It’s embarrassing really. Employees were all stoic-faced, some had the knowing look. The “look at that unbecoming behaviour” look.

Anyway, back to the review. I bought a tub to test run the product and see if the rave runs true. Hit the jump to read more 🙂

Price: about 700+ JPY (varies from store to store)

Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Skin Cream

Packaging: Tub with flip top cover. The tub should come with a separator between the lid and the product, I threw mine away.

Scent: Unscented! That put my “oily smell” worries away.

In the photo above, you can see the texture of the cream. It’s gel like and wiggles a bit in the tub. For the price, it really is a very big tub of moisturizer. Now, to put it to the test:

Below is a photo of my parched finger from too much housework. I have this problem with dishwashing liquid, it almost always dries out the skin on my fingers, leaving this unsightly scaly patch.

Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Skin Cream - Before application

And here’s the same finger after using the cream for a couple of days:

Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Skin Cream - After application

Would you look at that. No more scaly skin! Who would have known that this cream is that effective. No wonder the mainlanders were sweeping them by the dozens.

My rating: 5/5 (wow wow wow)

This works, but let me caution that it applies a little heavy, which is understandable since it’s a moisture cream. If you’re in an air conditioned room its fine but I have slathered on this on days without the AC and personally I found it a little tacky. During application the cream is not oily and didn’t give me the sliding sensation.

I found an alternative use for this cream, well.. out of necessity. I was cleaning my leather bag last night and spotted some dryness on the pebbled calfskin. I didn’t have a leather cream so I conveniently reached out to this tub dabbed a little on the bag and rubbed it out. Surprisingly the horse oil cream didn’t wreck my bag, but kept the leather supple. So I guess for emergency purposes I can use this for my bags 😛

Have you tried this? Share with me what you think! I know there is a Korean version, and the Hokkaido Horse Oil range. How do those compare to this?




2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Cream

  1. I received this as a Valentine’s Day gift from one of my Asian students. I had never heard of it, but love it so far and am so thankful for the opportunity to try it!


    • Hello Sandra! It’s really good for cold weather, although I found it to be a bit too heavy for the humid climate in SG. If you ever go to a japanese drugstore, they have other variants with different coloured labels to address various skin concerns. Offhand I recall seeing Q10 and I think collagen variants 🙂


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