REVIEW: LINE X Missha M Magic Cushion #23 SPF50 PA++

LINE X Missha M Magic Cushion

Happy Monday! No monday blues today, because I popped open a new item for review! This is the LINE messenger app’s collaboration with Missha, and there is a whole range of products featuring the various LINE mascots. I purchased a Brown bear BB cushion from Qoo10, in shade #23 for review purposes. There is a lighter shade number #21.

There is something about mascot products that allure me, but logical self always reminds me this is all a packaging gimmick. Thankfully I had the resolve to just buy one item, else I would probably carted out a ton of stuff.

Price: about SGD$22.90 (varies from seller to seller)

LINE X Missha M Magic Cushion Contents

Packaging: The pact comes in a Brown box, contents include a complete pact with cushion and puff, one refill compact and one extra puff

Scent: Light oceanic scent, similar to Laneige’s.

Here are some closeups of the actual pact, it is quite adorable I say.

Brown and his largely unimpressed face:

LINE X Missha M Magic Cushion Packaging

Flipside of the compact with shade number and manufacturing details:

LINE X Missha M Magic Cushion Packaging

The pact opens to reveal a puff with Brown motifs, and a compact mirror. I didn’t remove the protective layer over the mirror.

LINE X Missha M Magic Cushion Packaging

PSA: All pacts should be sealed if they are brand new, here’s how the seal looks like:

LINE X Missha M Magic Cushion Packaging

After peeling off the seal, you’ll come face to face with the cushion:

LINE X Missha M Magic Cushion Contents

I tried swapping the cushion with Laneige’s just to see if it’ll fit, unfortunately the hinge area does not sit into the Missha compact. Darn Missha, this means I can only purchase refills from them.

And now, on to the swatches and comparisons:

LINE X Missha M Magic Cushion Comparison with Laneige

On the left there is the Laneige BB Pore Cushion in shade #23, and on the right is the Missha M Magic Cushion in shade #23. Both appear to be almost identical on my skin. The application starts on a little on the whitish side, then the product dries to match my skintone.

My rating: 4/5 (cheaper than Laneige)

I find that this product is on par with Laneige’s BB cushion in terms of coverage, but both lack the longevity I look for. 3 hours into wear my face is slick and has some shine. Sidenote, in the heatwave we are having now (I’m talking 35 celsius) I honestly doubt there is any product that can hold up when applied onto the face. Also I observe slight patchiness about 1.5 hours into wear time, which is also the case when I use the Laneige BB cushion. I find I am still the foundation kind of girl when I want a good 6-8 hour wear time, but undoubtedly cushions are a nice alternative on days when you want very light makeup.

Price-wise the Missha cushion is significantly cheaper than the Laneige one. We are looking at a comparison of SGD$23 versus SGD$55. That’s a good SGD$32 difference, enough for you to buy 2 Missha cushions for the price of 1 Laneige. Both cushions have SPF and PA+++. In my opinion, I would probably settle for the cheaper one in future since Korean BB cushions are supposedly highly acclaimed, regardless of brands.

Do you own anything from the LINE x Missha collaboration? I know LINE did a collab with Innisfree, but I have not purchased anything from that mashup. How did your experience go?




5 thoughts on “REVIEW: LINE X Missha M Magic Cushion #23 SPF50 PA++

  1. Hello! thanks for this review! Glad I found it as I was searching high and low for the EXACT #23 Laneige vs Missha swatch comparison!
    Looking at your side by side swatches, both looked identical when applied on you.. but are they really of the same shades/color on their own? (will Missha be slightly lighter than Laneige or vice versa?)
    I have the Missha Brown Bear one, thinking to get Laneige but not sure should I stick to #23 or change to #21.. :S


    • Hello Claris! Glad to have you here! I would say the missha one appears to have slightly pinker undertones as opposed to Laneige. But after the product sits out for a while it “oxidised” to match my skin. I’d say there is a marginal difference in the colour that can be easily rectified with a pressed powder. For the price of 1 Laneige I can buy 3 Misshas so I’m ok to live with that problem. In conclusion: missha is a bit lighter than Laniege upon application. I can’t comment on how #21 for Missha looks like though, if you happen to get it could you paste your review link here? I’d love to read your thoughts on it. ❤


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