REVIEW: E.L.F. Cosmetics Lip Kiss Balm

elf cosmetics lip kiss balm

It’s raining every afternoon at where I’m at. Today I pounced on the chance when the sun showed and shot some photos for this review on the e.l.f. cosmetics lip kiss balms. There’s 8 shades in total, and I’d say I selected the 3 shades which are the all-time greatest hits (in my opinion anyway).

I received my mini e.l.f cosmetics haul earlier this week via DHL. I ordered when they were giving away a 6 piece gift set with minimum spend of USD$25, which I carted out USD$35 to qualify for free US shipping.

The 3 shades I have today are: Bare Kiss, Berry Sweet and XO Red.

Price: USD$2 each (with my DHL shipping, I’d estimate it to be about SGD$6?)

elf cosmetics lip kiss balm

Packaging: Twist up bullets with transparent click-on covers which correspond to the shade colour. I really like the aesthetics of the product, it looks more chic that the usual packaging which we have come to know from e.l.f.

That being said, the lip balm does not totally twist back into the tube, so if you don’t pay attention when re-capping the lip balm, the tendency is that a chunk of the product will be smooshed against the wall of the cover. Messy business, for the OCD me.

Scent: Slightly cinnamony-minty. My nose is useless at describing scents. The smell is predominantly mint, with a slight herbal-ish tinge. Overall pleasant.

elf cosmetics lip kiss balm product size

I twisted the bullets all the way out to see how much product they hold, and I am quite impressed. e.l.f has been generous and the photo above is about near 3cm of lip balm. In my case these will probably last forever, given I have an addiction with lip products.

Off the bullet Bare Kiss looked like a very wearable nude, Berry Sweet came across as a slight vampy burgundy and XO Red was well.. red. True red. It reminds me of Nivea’s Strawberry lip balm. Yes, that red. It appears my brain is also failing in coming up with colour descriptors.

elf cosmetics lip kiss balm arm swatch

The arm swatches got me pretty excited. The colour payoff is rather impressive. I was expecting a light or next to nothing wash of colour and so when 2-3 swipes of the balms on my arm showed such intensity, I was sold.

elf cosmetics lip kiss balm lip swatch

I was so sold, I ventured into lip swatches. Do accept my apologies if the photo is horrid. I haven’t gotten the grasp of this whole lip swatch biz.

My thoughts on the colours:

Bare Kiss: My lips but better shade of pinky nude. I had to layer on the product to get some decent coverage since my lips are naturally darker.

Berry Sweet: I kept thinking of Ribena when I was applying this. The colour is more of a wine/burgundy.

XO Red: Cheery apple red. I liked this over Nivea’s strawberry one. XO Red is much more pigmented.

My rating: 5/5 (I feel like buying them all)

I did a bit of homework and read mixed reviews on the lip kiss balms. That attributed to why I only got 3 out of the 8 – maybe as a fail-safe from disappointment. Some reviews I read complained of colour payoff being weak and the balm being too hard to be applied. The one that left the deepest impression said the balm was like candle wax and would not adhere to the lips. Also, out of the 8 shades 2 have glitter in them – kissing coral & pucker pink. Some said these applied gritty, but I can’t vouch for that.

In my experience though, I loved the ones I bought. I used Berry Sweet on an outing with my folks to Sentosa, and throughout the day I only needed two retouches. The balm barely transferred and the colour longevity lasted a good 3-4 hours. During the initial application there was the minty sensation and under the moisturised jelly-looking finish, my lips were nicely hydrated. In fact, I daresay they can pass off for regular lipsticks because the colours are so pretty! One thing that put me off a little was the sweet taste of the balms, it reminded me of artificial sweetener.

Other than that, I was really impressed with the e.l.f lip kiss balms. Heck, I’ve never been as equally impressed since the eyelid primer. If you ask me what are the two things to get from e.l.f (if you could only get two products) I’d say hands down the lip kiss balms and the primer. Now I feel tempted to buy the other shades.

Do you own these lip balms? What’s your take on them?




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