REVIEW: It’s My Eye Maker (Double Eyelid Pen)

It's My Eye Maker


Yay! I got my haul from Althea today, and hot off the press (well semi hot by now really), is the It’s My Eye Maker. Korean products always crack me up, the Konglish (Korean English) has some of the most ticklish contexts.

If you have hooded eyelids, mono eyelids, or are generally displeased with your peepers and would love to have some help sans plastic surgery, this is your answer. Or so I think. This particular product appears to have taken Taiwan by storm.

I’m generally a failure with eyelid tape of any kind, so lets see how this fared in my novice hands.


Price: SGD$4 from althea

It's My Eye Maker

Packaging: Twisty click pen with a flexible silicon tip

The packaging is straightforward. This eye pen has the glue stored in the center. To dispense the glue, turn the bottom joint and you’ll hear clicks. Don’t be overzealous and crank it too much else there will be a landslide of glue oozing out.

Scent: The same as all the eyelash glues I’ve used, slight chemical smell.

It's My Eye Maker

Here you’ll see a C shaped silicon tip with a rectangular slit. This is where the eye glue will come out from. Also the tip is for you to outline your desired double eyelid shape before application, and then tuck in the skin when the glue is tacky.

It's My Eye Maker

After a series of clicks, here’s the glue.

And I know what I said about the usage probably didn’t help much, so here’s a video on how to use this product. Credits to the original creator 🙂

My rating: 5/5 (cheap, good, needs practice)

My experience with this was.. I need more practice. My eyelids are hooded so I ran into an accident of literally tucking my original natural double eyelid and ended up being a monolid. That was pure duh. The glue does hold well and didn’t “unfurl” my eyelids. I also did not experience any irritation on my eyes and the whole procedure was relatively fuss free. Removal was easily done with any regular makeup cleansing oil.

I’m pretty sure with practice anyone should be able to create a decent double eyelid. Did I also mention if double eyelids are not your thing, you can use the glue for fake eyelashes? Yeah so you pretty much have two options of usage for this product, and that I like.

Do you have this eye maker? How do you use it?




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