REVIEW: Skin & Lab Don’t Worry Wrinkle

Skin & Lab Don't Worry Wrinkle Eye Roll-On

The other time when I made a purchase with Althea, they popped the Skin & Lab Don’t Worrry Wrinkle eye serum as a GWP. Ever since Luxola merged into Sephora, Althea has become my new favourite haunt for all things beauty. What’s more, the prices are affordable for most products. When you dangle cheap & good, I’ll follow you like you’re the pied piper. 😛

So, at first sight what I understood this to be was that it’s a anti-wrinkle eye serum roll-on and it has a pretty bold marketing statement of 5 seconds in exchange of 10 years. (of youth?)

Read on. (advertising collateral images taken from Althea.)

Price: SGD$16 from Althea, 8ml

Skin & Lab Don't Worry Wrinkle Eye Roll-On

Packaging: Glass bottle with steel ball bearing and chromed screw on cap. Feels luxe to the touch.

Scent: Slight floral, pleasant and not too strong.

Skin & Lab Don't Worry Wrinkle Eye Roll-On: About

I have tired looking eyes and dark eye circles, because come on, who doesn’t? This roll on promises to brighten, lighten and do lots of good for the undereye area and the best part, rewind your age. Granted I don’t have wrinkles yet (and I pray not anytime soon), I figured this would add a nice relaxing touch to my nightly routine and perhaps help diminish my eye circles.

Skin & Lab Don't Worry Wrinkle Eye Roll-On

A close up of the applicator, the whole tube is about pinky sized and contains 8ml of product.

The product is colourless and the consistency is on the watery side. During usage I did not experience any dribbling. I usually follow the steps below and massage my undereye area with the rollerball for about 30 seconds in a circular motion, then leave the serum to dry.

Skin & Lab Don't Worry Wrinkle Eye Roll-On: How To

My rating: 4/5 (comfortable and easy to use)

I have been using this for about 3 weeks now, and my undereye area appears to be less lackustre as it was. I don’t know if its a placebo effect, but I do see a pair of rested eyes when I look into the mirror, and I’m ok with leaving the house without makeup on.

The rolling effect makes a nice massage before bedtime, I just have to gently twirl the rollerball around my eye socket area with my eyes closed, and it feels as though I’m at a spa receiving a massage. I’m not being superfluous here, I light my BBW scented candle, lie on my bed and apply the roll on. It’s a relaxing ending to a tiring day. Sometimes for added comfort I slap on the Kao Steam Eye Mask.

Would I buy this, I think there is a 80% chance 🙂

Have you used this before? What’s your take?




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