LATEST MUSE: Be@rbrick Pushead 400% (2015 version) + EMC on Facebook!

Hi everyone! I’m doing a little deviation from my usual beauty reviews today, it’s more of to share my latest toy and also that EMC is now on Facebook! (yes, high time I know).

Granted I am not a mega famous A-list blogger, I would really appreciate if you’ll like to stay in contact/share stuff with me/know me better/be my friend over at eatmycrayons’s Facebook page. In turn, I will be sharing tasty little nuggets of my day-to-day happenings, quick honest reviews (for busy people who have no time to trawl through a lengthy blog post), and pretty much spontaneous beauty rambles.

Again, this is the link:

Medicom Bearbrick Pushead 400 (2015)

(image credits to Medicom)

Price: SGD$150 onwards, resale (varies from shop to shop)

Packaging: Hard corrugated shoebox, the bear is encased in a clamshell protector.

About: (I am new to Bearbrick so please pardon me if I am factually inaccurate. I try to be correct as much as possible)

This bear is an artist collaboration of Pushead with Medicom. The initial retail price on Medicom was JPY8,800 (about SGD$112 excl. shipping). The bear stands at 28cm tall (400%), and was released in October 2015 on a pre-order basis.

This is a limited edition bear, and no two bears have the same marbling effect – so if you think about it, it’s like a blind box until you open it.

I got mine at a reasonable price, given that it was released a while back and is relatively hard to find one that’s brand new unopened.

I’m totally gushing over it (bear with me), and I love the colours and print. I also noticed that the colour scheme matches my blog header and logo, which is rather cool. Aside from beauty and makeup, I am a closet toy collector and I gravitate towards the minimalist and colourful designer toys. – I’m not a wannabe, I buy them because I appreciate the artists’ work unlike some scalpers who hoard stock for reselling purposes. (Toy distributors, you have my respect.)

This is the back-side of the bear:

Medicom Bearbrick Pushead 400 (2015) - back

(image credits to Google)

Overall I feel that bearbricks make nice decor, and the price tags are decent for the sizes. Will I be getting more? Yes, in fact I loved the design so much that I pre-ordered the Blue Water version slated for release in October 2016, just in time for my birthday 🙂

Medicom Bearbrick Pushead 400 (2016) - bluewater

(image credits to Medicom)

Do you own or collect bearbricks? Which are your favourites?




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