REVIEW: E’scential Humidifier Fragrance Oil (Grapefruit & Apple Blossom)

E'scential Humidifier Oil

Today I came online, went onto EMC and was pleasantly surprised that my site visits have surpassed the 50,000 milestone. It means that fifty thousand unique members of the interwebs landed on EMC and I would love to shake each of you warmly by the hand. THANK YOU 🙂

Recently  a dear friend of mine passed a range of home fragrance products from his family establishment for me to try out. I have never forayed into the woods of scents and oils, so this will be an interesting journey. In the range there were essential oils, humidifier fragrance oils and air purifier fragrance oils.

Today’s post will be about the two humidifier fragrance oils, one in grapefruit and the other apple blossom.

E'scential Humidifier Oil

Packaging: Clear auburn bottle with a click lid, product is dispensed by applying light pressure on the bottle

I used to have the concern that usage of scented products may pose certain health risks. For example, there is debate between the user friendliness of paraffin wax candles versus soy wax ones, how you burn them: wick versus melting wax tarts; and of course the health benefits (or hazards) depending on which fragrance product you purchase.

Now, E’scential’s humidifier scents are 100% USA EPA approved and they are licensed to manufacture and distribute home fragrance products.

An excerpt from their website:

Our Escential anti-microbial fragrance oil is formulated with 100% natural silver ions for eliminating a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungus and mildew, 100% biodegradable, alcohol free, non-toxic and non-irritating to skin. Areas of application upon diluting – Humidifiers, floor mopping and as a general hard surface disinfectant.

Aside of fragrance oils, E’scential also has a blend of anti-tobacco fragrance oil that helps remove the stale post-cigarette stink in rooms.

I didn’t have a humidifier, heck I didn’t know how to use one and what it serves to do (shame on me). Before I received the fragrances I happened to be at MUJI and I saw these superbly minimalist humidifiers which doubled up as nightlights. With some doraemon-esque searching skills on Taobao, I landed this 500ml capacity humidifier at a decent SGD$25. (shipping inclusive)


Look at this beauty. My humidifier has 2 nightlight intensities, a timer function and 2 misting volumes. ❤

Humidifier Closeup

What is a humidifier? In a nutshell this device allows you to add moisture to the air to prevent dryness and possible skin irritation (especially in air conditioned spaces or cold climates). The moisture helps combat dry skin, and alleviates cold-weather ailments such as coughs and colds.

How do you use the humidifier? It is easy as pie. Just add water (literally!), add your fragrance of choice in a couple of squirts and happy days.

E'scential Grapefruit Oil

I personally love citrus scents and thoroughly enjoyed the Grapefruit fragrance oil. A quick look at the website mentioned that grapefruit increases metabolism, reproduction of brain cells, enhances relaxation and aids slimming capability – yes, yes, oh yes.

The smell is akin to freshly zested grapefruit: bright, tangy and invigorating. I love how it makes my room smell fresher and it does make me feel more energised. With the added anti-microbial properties, I like to think that while using the humidifier I am at the same time disinfecting my room from any bad stuff that may be around.

E'scential Apple Oil

The next scent (Apple Blossom) is sweeter and is said to help calm the mind and lower cholesterol. I love my pal, he sure knows my pitfalls and love for takeouts. When I said the scent is sweeter smelling, it’s not cloying. It reminded me a little of Glade’s green apple room freshening gel but with a slight touch of creamy vanilla. Soothing and not heavy on the nose.

My rating: 5/5 (honest good stuff)

I had a pleasant experience with the humidifier fragrance oils and found my moods to be lighter on days when I used them. The weather has been exceedingly dreary so having a hot mug of tea, soothing music and a nice scent wafting through the room definitely helps take the edge off an otherwise tiring work day.

Would I purchase these? Without a doubt, yes. Between the two my all-time favourite is the Grapefruit oil, I’m a third through the bottle. Some fragrances I am keen to try include: ocean mist, orange blossom and lemon fizz.

If you are keen on purchasing or are interested in wholesale inquiries please contact E’scential and show them some love on Facebook. They share interesting tidbits of information on various plants/oils; and what benefits they reap.

And while you are at it, show me some love on Facebook and Instagram as well. 🙂

Are you a home fragrance buff? What are your favourite types of scents? I really do recommend the products I reviewed above. They are easy on the nose and compared to candles they do not soot and are safer to use. Share your home fragrance experiences via the comments below!




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