REVIEW: Althea Unboxing, Haul #2 + Referral code

Althea Unboxing Haul #2

I love receiving parcels, I like to think of it as presents from me, to me. Recently I had a case of itchy fingers and ended up ordering a bunch of stuff off Althea, and today I would like to share the unboxing experience 🙂

If you’re based in SG, Malaysia, Philippines, you are in luck! Althea currently services these countries but fret not, I’m sure they are expanding their reach globally.

So, hey ho on we go with the unboxing!

Althea Unboxing Haul #2

Packaging: Nice sturdy packing box, items are wrapped individually in bubblewrap.

The above is their mission/vision statement, and their promise to customers. I did Haul #2 because I was so pleased with my first order. All parcels are shipped via courier so you will always have the deets on where your parcel is. Me likey.

Printing their contact on the box is clever. If I need any help I don’t need to search the interwebs, I can simply flip open their box and send them a quick email. Maybe a phone number would be handy too.

Althea Unboxing Haul #2

Without further ado, these are my purchases. Notice that majority of them are skincare products, with only one item being a makeup product.

I tried to practice restrain here – I have so much makeup I honestly doubt I can ever finish them all. On the flipside, I also have a lot of skincare products but those are used on a daily basis so I get through them faster. Ah, excuses I come up with to delude myself. 😦

Althea Unboxing Haul #2

Closeup of the loot, and Althea was kind to include a freebie from Etude House (the yellow tube)

Althea Unboxing Haul #2

Let’s go a little into detail of what I bought, shall we?

  1. It’s Skin Effectors: These are like serums which you can use on their own, or combined with your daily regime. I had originally imagined them to be small, you know like essential oil droppers. But no, they are 30ml and fit the palm of my hand. The ones I got were in Vitamin C (yellow) for brightening, Whitening (white), and Pore refining (forest green) You can check them out here.
  2. Banilaco: Prime Primer in classic matte. I have yet to try this since I’m on my SANA pore putty, but this will be the next in line. I have heard so much good things about it and will definitely be comparing this to SANA. You can get it here at SGD$18.
  3. Ipse Nightingale Non Wash Perfume Treatment: My hair is getting dry and looking fried from the lack of hydration. I’ve been conditioning but I have a feeling my recent DIY dye job killed my tresses. So, I bought this (only SGD$2.30!) as a leave on treatment on the ends in a bid to salvage my sad hair. Surprisingly it did help, my hair is more manageable and less frizzy. For the price, I say go get your hands on it. It also acts as a nice hair perfume, and there is a selection of scents available. Get it here.
  4. Skinfood Tomato Whitening Emulsion and Toner: I still have backups of my Laneige emulsion and toner but I could not resist buying these. But in my defense, I really wanted to try out the skincare range from Skinfood, given that I had pleasant experiences with their coffee body scrub and face foams. Also, it made quite a bit of sense for the emulsion to be of smaller capacity as compared to the toner, simply because toners always run out faster than emulsions. – in my case, at least.
    Tomato is known for it’s whitening properties, and having been baking in the sun over Pokemon Go, this is a much needed reprieve. Check this out here and here.

I have yet to use any of these except the hair treatment capsule, because I want to finish up my current stash before opening new products. However, I remain excited for them and will write reviews on my experiences once I come about using them.

Again, this is not a sponsored post, I paid good money for them. Nonetheless I enjoy shopping on Althea and their service is largely impeccable. I have added a ton of stuff to my wishlist, but Heidi, have some self control! 😛

Click on the image below to access the referral link. New signups enjoy $7 off your first Althea order, with a minimum of SGD$50 purchase 🙂




6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Althea Unboxing, Haul #2 + Referral code

  1. Hello! Thanks for sharing this post, I just ordered some items from Althea and cannot wait to try them, I am still waiting for the box though T..T How is the ïts skin yellow serum”? I also ordered the same one, really makes skin glowy and healthier? hehe, thank you ^^


    • Hello! I quite like the serum, its easily absorbed into my skin and is lightweight. The bottle is pretty large, bigger than what I expected. What did you buy from Althea? I’d love to check out your haul and reviews 🙂


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