[AFTER THOUGHTS]: Heidi goes to STGCC 2016 – Muckey & Tokidoki Unicornos


Photo credits to TOYSREVIL (Remember kids, stealing pictures is theft too! Always credit the originator, have some ethics)

Alright, lets get started. So over the weekend I attended the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) because:

  1. I haven’t been to one
  2. I wanted the mini fantasmic muckey in the image above (small one on right) – since the big one was an earlier release which I can’t afford now. Toys have this amazing ability to appreciate in value, to which till date I cannot fathom.

Aside from the muckey from Instinct Toys, I also got my hands on a couple of Tokidoki Metallico Unicornos – which I think were launched in SDCC as well. I have shown them on my Instagram, and they are beautiful. Go unicornos!

Read on for my overall experience!

I woke up bright and early and made my way over to the convention on 10th September. I only bought a one day pass and by the time I got in line the queue was about a good 200 people? VIP pass holders entered the venue at 9:30AM while regular day passes entered at 10AM.

Once in, I made a beeline for the Instinct Toy booth and started queuing for the bears. It took me about 30 min to get them, and even though I was the fourth in line, various items were already sold out because the VIPs had swiped them 😦

This zombie Muckey was something I was eyeing, but didn’t manage to get as there were only 10 pieces.

STGCC Instinct Toy Zombie Muckey

This Muckey is a total work of art, I loved it but the price blew me away.

STGCC Instinct Toy Custom-one-off-Muckey

After the purchases, I ambled around and checked out other exhibitors’ booths, and cosplayers who were all over the venue. The queue lines for some booths were nuts, but everyone appeared to be orderly.

Then, I found myself at the Tokidoki booth. I collect the unicornos (but do not have complete earlier series because I started only from Series 3), and was pleased to see that there is a new line called the Metallico series. Basically a handful of the earlier series’ unicornos are picked out and given a nice pearlescent sheen.

Of course I had to get some.

I’m short of Metallo, Prima Donna, Fumo and Ritmo but have a spare Stellina and Mooka – If anyone reading would like to trade please drop me a comment and I’ll get back!

I was also musing about the cosplayers: what kind of makeup they use, where do they get their costumes and props. If you cosplay, please share your experience too! I bet its going to be interesting.

On an overall I enjoyed myself at the convention and I do see myself attending more in time to come. 🙂

Did you go to STGCC 2016? Share with me on your experience and also what loot you got!


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