REVIEW: E’scential Essential Oil (Peppermint & Sweet Orange)

E'scential Essential Oil

Happy October! This reminds me of autumn, Halloween, my birthday, cake, and so many things to be happy about. Today I have a continued review for E’scential (if you read my last post on humidifier oils here), and this time, I am going to review the essential oils I received in Sweet Orange and Peppermint.

Read on!

E'scential Essential Oil

Packaging: Auburn glass bottle with twist caps, the oil is dispensed via an inbuilt dropper within

Again, I have not used essential oils before but I figured it should be quite straightforward. Looking at E’scential’s website I saw a plethora of fragrances available (a whopping 21 of them!). Immediately I made a mental note of those which I would want to purchase, namely Lemongrass and Bergamot.

The variety of scents serve to address different concerns, check them out here.

And yes, with the recent Zika scare I’m going on a longshot that these fragrances should come in handy to shoo those annoying mozzies away! (think lemongrass and citronella)

This is what E’scential has to say:

Our greatest motivation is to consistently offer the finest, most medicinally and aromatically valuable essential oils available on the Planet. We offer these oils to everyone at wholesale prices, regardless of your affiliation or profession.

We purposefully offers only wholesale pricing, rather than separate wholesale and retail ‘tiers’, to ensure the high quality of oils we offer are available to the widest possible audience. We think the medicine of essential oils is that important. We know to some folks, the prices can seem high. We also know that our customers having more experience find our prices quite low, and our quality among the finest to be found anywhere.

NOTE: if you are interested to purchase wholesale, please reach out to me at 🙂

Given that I have not used essential oils before, I logged onto the interwebs and found myself a Zakka themed fish-scale patterned oil burner. (Hail Taobao!)

How do you use an essential oil burner?

Start out by filling the dish on the top with some water and add a few drops of essential oil. 3-5 drops should be sufficient, this depends on the size of the room you are in, and also the intensity of the scent you prefer. Next, put a tea light candle underneath the oil burning dish, which will start heating the aromatics.

But, bear in mind all basic fire safety. Always make sure you are using any burner or candle away from flammable objects, especially near windows with curtains or any other fabric surfaces.

Next, always make sure you get your oils from a reputable retailer (ahem, like E’scential) – because you don’t want any oil that can be carcinogenic or toxic when heated.

E'scential Essential Oil

The oils I have in particular addressed these issues:

Peppermint: Calms anxiety; eliminates insomnia; reduces stress. Helps sinuses, cold and soothes breathing.

Sweet Orange: Refreshing with antiseptic, anti-depressant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and carminative properties.

My experience: I loved the aroma that wafted through the house as I worked, Peppermint gave the mood of Christmas and the scent was decidedly energizing. (my house smelled so clean!) On the other hand Orange provided a warm cozy vibe and filled the air with refreshing zest.

The oils burnt cleanly – there was no soot on the dish after the water dried out. There was a little bit of smoking initially (refer to picture) but that was resolved after I added more water to the dish.

Between the two I prefer using Peppermint for the day as I felt it kept me focused during work, and Orange for night time use since it relaxes the senses. I can’t choose one over the other as I like them both equally and they serve distinct functions.

My rating: 5/5 (rejuvenate, recharge, happy heidi)

With my previous success with the humidifier oils, there was zero doubt that I would love the essential oils. The cheery flame from the burner coupled with the fragrance sure does uplift one’s mood and provide some much needed zen. (reaches out for my knitting)

Would I purchase these? Definitely. I will stock up once I’m done with these two oils and Peppermint will be a repeat purchase for sure.

If you are interested in purchasing please reach out to me, and if you’d like to know more about E’scential and their products please follow them on Facebook. You’ll be sure to learn more about the ingredients and purposes of different oils and variants, so why not?

While you are at it, show me some love on Facebook and Instagram as well. 🙂

Are there any particular scents that you gravitate to, or any specific methods of usage that you prefer? Do share in the comments below! 🙂




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