[AFTER THOUGHTS]: Heidi goes to Giftopia x Samplestore!


Hi everyone, how did your weekend go? I spent mine attending the Giftopia event jointly organised by True Colour Media & Samplestore at Raffles City, and there’s so much that I would love to share.

Be warned, this will be an image heavy post, but it will be worth it. 🙂

I received a RSVP invite from Samplestore, and together with my +1 we signed up for the event.

What is Giftopia? It’s basically a movement to encourage communication through the use of postcards, in our ever-growing digital world. Miss someone? Don’t just send a text, send them a postcard. Embrace the spirit of giving, that’s the idea.


The venue was open 2 hours earlier for bloggers, before public admission commenced. I received a canvas tote bag (I love tote bags) which was chock full of goodies from lovely partners and sponsors. (note the contents below are for bloggers only)


Look, these are the items in the bag (sans vouchers) – squeals!
As a tryvertiser/influencer on Samplestore, I am pleased as punch to receive these goodies. Reviews to come!

To make it an easy read, I will break this post down into 3 categories:

  • Beauty/skincare
  • Artisan crafts
  • Others


The first booth I visited was KARMART. Truth be told I wasn’t familiar with the brand but after speaking to their sales staff I learnt that the brand is very popular and inexpensive in Thailand, and is making it’s debut here in Singapore.


From the table above, the fuschia packaged items are the new cushions and BB cream. The white cluster is the cleansing range and the leopard print tubes are their best selling CC cream. In the train case behind is their new makeup line, and I was told the matte cream lipsticks were specially formulated for Asian skintones. Just take all my money.

I was particularly interested in their Cathy Doll Water Splash Essence, it’s supposed to be great for whitening.


Here you can see the water droplets forming after rubbing the cream into my skin. I left it on for about 5 minutes as the staff chatted with me, and when I cleaned off the essence I observed that the patch of skin which the essence was sitting on did become whiter. Amazing.


Sharing the same space with KARMART was Reunrom, which is a spa line. Their products comprise of soaps, scrubs, hand creams and shower gels. With my recent obsession with home aromatics, I was drawn to the lovely scents.


What caught my eye was their selection of hand creams. They had fun scents like Mango Sticky Rice and Pandan.


From left to right: mango sticky rice, pandan, jasmine, tangerine, lemongrass


This is the mango sticky rice hand cream. The consistency was more on the runny side and applied without greasiness. The scent was fabulous, with notes of succulent mangoes but not overly cloying.

I ended up purchasing one lemongrass and one mango sticky rice hand cream, plus the SPF 55++ sunscreen. LOVE. ❤

The next booth I visited was Que Origin. The brand sells home fragrance and essential oil based products.


This curious platter of assorted tubes are their samplers of the shower gels. Among them all I loved the citrus blend.


I was recommended their Potion Lotion, which is a moisturizer. The product comes in 3 types: oiless, 50% and 100% essential oil content. Needless to say, the higher the oil content the more moisturizing the product is. The company also does customised packaging, and these make good gifts. (bottles on right)


This is the Geranium 50% moisturizer swatch on my hand. As you can see, the product appears to be more liquid in nature compared to the cream based moisturizers which we are accustomed to. The scent was phenomenal (floral) and the product absorbed into my skin with no tackiness or oiliness.


Next on the list is BeautyKeeper (美丽掌柜). I would say they did a superb job at branding. By using a QR app and filling in some data, recipients get a case of specially curated items (boxes below). Boxes are given at random, and products are all full sized.

From my conversation with the booth staff, I got to know that BeautyKeeper is a new start up and they act as a advertising platform for Taiwanese beauty products. They have a website where you can purchase the products from, and the boxes at the event are marketing kits, not to be confused with monthly subscription boxes like Bellabox.


Close ups of the merchandise which are all not available locally. They include masks, collagen/citric acid supplements, makeup kits, serums, emulsions, perfumes, oils, bath and body items.


There is also an assortment of essential oils, shampoos, mists.


And here you’ll see eye roll ons, fancy party faux lashes and the pink stripey tin case is a box of travel sized eyeliner/eyebrow pencils.


These are the items which I was given. They are indeed generous with their samples and I am seriously impressed.  🙂

heidi beauty keeper box

The next booth is Harvest Care. This is an Australian brand which specialises in Emu oil and bath & body products.


I have been on the lookout for Emu oil products, because I have a localised eczema patch on my knee. Instead of constantly applying steroid based creams, I was interested to try out natural products (like Emu oil) but had tough luck finding an affordable one. (but now I do thanks to Harvest Care!)


I purchased the $28 Emu oil with a blend of essential oils (lavender, patchouli). The $26 bottle on the left is pure emu oil and is recommended for sufferers of extreme eczema, since sometime scented products may sting broken skin. The $24 item is a emu oil body lotion, and the $7 tube is a lip balm. The bowl of grounds on the right is their 100% natural body scrub.

Just a note that Emu oil is not only for treating eczema, it also acts as a wonderfully effective hydrant for dry skin such as our elbows, knees, feet, shins (basically anywhere you find is drying, slap this wonder oil on)

I liked it that the oil was aromatic and light. I didn’t feel weighed down when I applied a test patch on my eczema. Will I purchase again? Yes. I will need to find some way to contact Harvest Care.


This is how the coffee scrub looks like upon application. The grains are nicely sized and do not feel too abrasive on the skin. The scent was that of fresh coffee grounds and lingered for a while after washing off.


There’s 13rushes, which sells affordable makeup brushes and pouches.


And E’siwia, which is a Taiwanese mask label with snail serum.


This is the serum, it has a subtle fragrance and applies easily.


Last but not least there is Hebeloft, with products from Korea. For every like on Facebook they gave out a peeling lip tint.



Give yourself a pat on the back! We have covered the Beauty part of Giftopia and moving on, here’s the Artisan crafts section.


Here we have Honey & Gazelle, selling an assortment of motivational stationery.


They are also the ones who created the postcards in the Giftopia movement.


Looking for a inspo poster to adorn your workspace or home?


There were also a few booths selling artisan jewellery, here’s a quick introduction:

These necklaces and earrings are from White Feather. The design is nature based and intricate.


I love these pretty studs!


Here we have [in]trigue, the jewellery style is minimalist with lots of stone accents.


And here, we have Curious Creatures. Their style is more casual and a little zakka.


Lastly there’s Latchmade with very nicely made leather bracelets and cuffs.


There was also a booth which sold ceramics. These hold a dear place in my heart as I also used to fire clay and make bowls, vases etc.


Loving the glazed mugs!


Another stall called Made by OCD sold accessories made with actual vintage comics.


There are rings: (I see Finn and Jake!)


And also ear studs: (omg PB and Finn!)



Other booths which were present included Vaniday (mani/pedi anyone?), a temporary tattoo booth, Singpost (with bundle deals!), a couple of plush/home decor booths, and an odour solutions company.

There was also a refreshment corner and a counter where you could complete a survey on Samplestore’s website revamp and redeem attractive goodies. At certain time slots there were also lucky draws where one can win prizes (but I lucked out, boo).

Did I enjoy myself? Yes. Do I want to attend more of such events by Samplestore? Yes. Please continue to support these indie brands and what they have to offer. In a nutshell, this was a well conceptualised and executed event. Kudos to the organisers, the marketing team and also the partnership team! I totally understand the effort you guys put in. Come on, I’m in the same industry as you 🙂

Totally looking forward to the next Samplestore event!

If you liked this review, follow me on Instagram @eatmycrayons or show me some love on Facebook at contact.eatmycrayons for updates and quick reviews! ❤




3 thoughts on “[AFTER THOUGHTS]: Heidi goes to Giftopia x Samplestore!

  1. Wow, this event looks amazing! The idea of encouraging people to send postcards is interesting. I know some people who send postcards where ever they travel – I do personally love receiving postcards but I hardly ever send them. 😳
    All those beauty booths – I would have DIED. 😮 And I love all the artisan crafts, especially the dainty looking jewellery.
    Thanks for sharing!


    • You’re most welcome Stashy! I was trying so hard to make my budget stretch because I forgot it was a cash-only event. Thankfully I could use my card for the Emu oil! Heh, I love taking postcards and tacking them to my corkboard in office 😛


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