REVIEW: Vichy Laboratories SkinSOS Volcanic Mask Trio

vichy SOS volcanic mask trio

HAPPY CNY everyone! I wasn’t planning on reviewing anything since I’ve been down with a nasty flu/cough bug for the past week, but on a last ditch effort to buy some Decofam (cough syrup) at Unity, I came across these. Sick or not, I was compelled to try them.

Reason(s) being:

  1. Its a trio set from Vichy (and granted, Vichy items are not the cheapest around)
  2. I needed a pick-me-up from constantly stuffing my nose with facial tissues, not to mention the incessant hacking cough 😦

Hit “continue reading” to see what I thought of these mini masks. Also, I took a shot at upping my product photo game, let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement! 🙂

Price: SGD $19.90 (available at all major drugstores and probably supermarkets)

Packaging: Screw cap glass bottles, each mask is packed in it’s corresponding paper box and housed in one main outer box.

I reckon these masks have been out in the market for a while. I didn’t manage to find any manufacturing/expiry dates on the exterior box, but saw on the actual bottles that the expiry is in 2019.

Scent: Somewhat between a mix of floral and medicinal. Apothecary scented? I don’t know. My nose is not at it’s best in scent detection now so everything either smells flat, or weird.

vichy SOS volcanic mask trio

From left to right: Hydrating, Purifying, Radiance masks

Before I commence on the product benefits, I want to mention that these masks can be used in tandem, meaning you can actually customise the application to suit your skin problem(s). All these masks contain Vichy’s PH balancing thermal water.

So in my case I have an oily T zone and large pores near my nose, plus somewhat dry cheeks.

What I did was to apply the blue mask (hydrating) on my cheeks, the clay mask (purifying) on my large pores and T zone. On days where I don’t use the blue mask, I substitute with the pink mask to bring back some radiance.

Hydrating (quenching mineral mask) : Contains menthoxypropanediol to cool down and hydrate skin

Purifying (clay mask) : Has 2 ultrafine clays to absorb sebum and impurities, as well as contract pores

Radiance (peeling mask) : Contains 5 plant extracts with volcanic rock to brighten skin tone, as well as gently exfoliate dead skin cells and hydrate the skin

All 3 masks are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, non comedogenic and tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control. 🙂

vichy SOS volcanic mask trio

Here are the arm swatches, and my initial impressions after usage.

Hydrating: The mask’s texture reminds me of aloe gel and gives a minty sensation upon application. I liked that the mask is lightweight and comfortable. Upon rinsing off, my face looks slightly hydrated than before.

Purifying: I have been a long time user of Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque, I can compare it as an embodiment of the hydrating + purifying masks in this range sans the odd scent. The clay mask applied smoothly without any grittiness, and dried pretty fast. After rinsing off, my face was considerably smoother, and pores were visibly smaller. The sebum action cut back, but only with regular usage of the product,

Radiance: The consistency of this mask is slightly thicker than the blue one. I read that this is also a peeling mask that provides gentle exfoliance. Of course it can’t stand up to my favourite CURE aquagel, but it’s a good substitute on days where you don’t want to over-exfoliate (is there such a term?) your skin. By that I mean for example the immediate days when you’ve gone for a facial session, and don’t want to stress your skin out with anything heavy duty.

My rating: 4/5 (value for money, generous size for tryouts, don’t like the scents)

Being the first products I’ve purchased from Vichy, I am pleasantly surprised to know that for a mere $20 dollars I can try out 3 mask formulations. Despite being miniatures, the volume is nothing short of generous (12ml each, the regular tub is 75ml @ SGD$39). The glass pots may be a little heavy for carrying around, but decanting into disposable plastic containers should be no issue.

For cost comparison’s sake:

3 mini’s volume: 36ml @ $19.90 -> per ml you are looking at $0.55
1 regular tub: 75ml @ $39 -> per ml you are looking at $0.52

So if you were to buy 1 full sized tub over the trio, you save $2.40. With $2.40, you get the opportunity to try all 3 masks without any commitment phobia. Fair one-time trade off, in my opinion.

I like to use these as part of my “rescue beauty” kit, on days where I have little time to luxuriate in hours of face pampering. Coupled with the customization factor, it’s a great win-win.

Tip: if you can afford to wait, buy them when the drugstores are having price slashes, you’ll save more! (obviously right, duh!)

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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Vichy Laboratories SkinSOS Volcanic Mask Trio

  1. Seems like face masks in jars are all the rage these days. I like the sounds of the Purifying one. You’re right, the prices for the kit is very reasonable, for Vichy.
    I hope you’re feeling back to 100% soon!


    • Hiya Stashy!

      Thanks, you’re a darling! I’d say I’m at 80% now, hahaha. Agreed with you, masks in jars seem to be the in thing but really, sometimes I’m so lazy, the sheet mask is still my weapon of choice.


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