REVIEW: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


Hey everyone, how’s it going? I had an order arrive from Althea last week, and today’s review is on the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.

I love clay masks, primarily because they mostly help control sebum secretion and my skin appears to be more radiant/whitened after usage. (I don’t know if this is a placebo effect though.) Apparently this version of the mask is different from the Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask, so if you have tried both please share with me your experience in the comments section. 🙂

Lastly, I will be sharing my referral code for Althea. Yay to free credits, Althea has steadily become my favourite K-beauty spot.

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Image credits to Althea SG.

Alright, now on to the mask review!

Price: SGD $14 (I got mine from Althea) – Retails at SGD$20.50 at local Innisfree boutiques

Packaging: Screw top plastic jar, housed in a acid cardboard box

Scent: Unscented, has a slight hint of earthiness from the clay


The advertised benefits include: tightening pores, removing sebum, exfoliating dead skin cells, deep cleansing, enhancing skin tone, and a cooling effect.

I purchased this mask primarily for my sister, who suffer from pore woes. We’ve both heard quite a bit about this volcanic mask, and decided to jump on the bandwagon after some deliberation.

For comparison’s sake, I did some homework between the Super Volcanic and the Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask. It appears that the Jeju version aims to moisturize, purify pores and clean skin. Both are 100ml, and have the same retail price. Therefore off the bat, I’m putting my money on the Super variant since there’s more goodness coming from it.


The cap is embossed and adds a nice aesthetic touch to the packaging. Generally speaking I find Innisfree’s product packaging and designs to be no-frills and easy on the eye. There is a transparent cover separating the mask from the lid, which I find considerate because nobody wants a messy pot of goo. What I thought would be even better would be if each bottle came with it’s own spatula. It’ll be more hygienic than constantly dipping your fingers into the product.

Anyway, that’s not a big deal since you can always recycle a spatula from some other product, or just use a spoon.


Here’s a close up of the pot, the mask is well milled and does not appear to be cakey. I ever had clay masks which were on the drier side of things, and applied like the consistency of caked concealer. No such issues with Innisfrees’. I would like to think that the clear separator also helps retain moisture in the product.


The above is how the product looks upon application. On an overall I was able to evenly spread the mask out with minimal mess, and there are little bits of Jeju volcanic clusters. The clusters were not abrasive on the skin, and did not cause any discomfort. The consistency is almost butter-like, smooth and velvety.

My usage experience:

I applied this after toner, and the mask provided much needed reprieve from the recent sweltering heat. The clay spread on smoothly, and there was a light cooling sensation throughout the duration of the mask. When the clay dried, it was still adhering well to my face. I attempted drinking, talking, but did not experience any clay fallout onto my clothing. That left me rather impressed. With some other clay masks I’ve used, sometimes there are particles of dried mask that flake off before the mask is dry.

After the mask was fully dry, I went ahead to rinse off with warm water. The mask washed off easily, and I didn’t have much residue on my face thereafter.

So, here’s to round up what I experienced after using the mask for about 1 week:

Remember the advertised benefits? Let’s go down the list:
Tightening pores: My pores did appear to be smaller, the same goes for my sister.
Removing sebum: My face was significantly less oily on days I used the mask, noticeably around the T-zone.
Exfoliating dead skin cells: I’m not too sure if there was much exfoliation, but my face felt smoother after usage.
Deep cleansing: I can’t attest to this, but my skin felt fresher and I did not get any new zits/blemishes.
Enhancing skin tone: I noticed that my face looked fairer, and more radiant.
Cooling effect: Check, the cooling effect is there, even after the mask is dry. Love it.

My rating: 5/5 (value for money, lives up to it’s claims)

This is my first Innisfree tub mask (I know I’m so late into the game), and both my sister and I liked it so much, we’ve bought a backup. Why not? After the 15% off it’s only SGD$11.90. GET IT, DON’T HESITATE.

I also bought the Real Rose Mask, the Volcanic Pore Scrub and Volcanic Pore Foam. I pretty much want all of their stuff to try now, can’t wait for this order to arrive.

Click on the image below to access the referral link. New signups enjoy $7 off your first Althea order, with a minimum of SGD$50 purchase 🙂

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