REVIEW: Alexis Ren x Colourpop Blotted Lip (All 3 shades!)

Colourpop x alexis ren blotted lip

I bought myself a bunch of items when Alexis Ren collabed with Colourpop, and I was so excited for the parcel to arrive. The collection had the first ever Topaz highlighting kit, a new line of blotted lipsticks in 3 wearable shades, and two liquid lipsticks. Much anticipation indeed.

Fast forward 3 weeks later (I used international shipping) – my parcel came.

Upon opening the box, I was greeted with brown dust. Every item was caked in the Topaz palette which had exploded (Thanks USPS, you never fail to screw up my parcels, like how you lost my whole Too Faced order and was totally unhelpful when contacted). Thankfully only the brown side shattered, so I had the glorious task of wiping down the whole haul, and stoically re-pressing my bronzer cake. 😦

To make things worse, CP messed up my order. I was sent 2 tubes of Little Weapon when I ordered one of that and one of the nude shade (which I was more excited about). Contacting CP about this was totally not worth the hassle since sending the stuff back and all the email back and forth.. ugh. Don’t even want to think about it.

So anyway, today’s review is on the new blotted lipsticks in 3 shades: Deja Vu, Lexi, Exotic


CP messed up my Alexis Ren order, USPS wrecked my Topaz palette, I’m reviewing the blotted lip colours.

Price: USD $5

Packaging: Plastic twist up tube, lipstick is dispensed as a bullet

This is a refreshing change from the standard lippiestix packaging, the black and rose gold lettering looks sleek but the actual product is very light. The lightness somehow makes the original luxe vibe feel a little cheapened. Visually you expect them to weigh like Bobbi Brown, in reality they feel like E.L.F’s essential lipsticks.

Scent: Unscented, has a slight plastic-ish smell.

Colourpop x alexis ren blotted lip

From left to right: Exotic, Deja Vu, Lexi

Off the bat I knew I would like Deja Vu. The shade is a beautiful MLBB tea rose, while Exotic is vermilion and Lexi a cool red.

Here’s what CP had to say about these blotted lipsticks:

Exotic: An orange-red

Deja Vu: A pink nude.

Lexi: A cool-toned red

Directions: Apply like lip balm. And you’re done! 😉 – we’ll revisit this sentence later

Colourpop x alexis ren blotted lip

Here are the arm swatches, each shade was generously swiped about 4 to 5 times. A single layer was disappointingly sheer. On the first impression I felt that the formula was dry – is that why they’re called Blotted Lips? Cos indeed the application was blot(chy). However with some patience, I was able to build up the pigment and achieve decent colour payoff.

Let’s see how these lipsticks would work on me:

Colourpop x alexis ren blotted lip

Again, I took time to repeatedly swipe the bullets to gain some pigment. They’re not the nicest swatches I have done, but eh, they’ll work.

Let’s talk about the colours – all three shades are very wearable, nothing crazy, and suitable for daily use. My favourite was Deja Vu and surprisingly I liked Exotic more than I thought I would. Lexi reminded me of Nivea’s strawberry lip balm but was nowhere near in terms of hydration.

Remember when CP said to apply them like lip balm, and you’re done? I think they meant application wise – keep grinding that bullet on your lips until you’re satisfied with the payoff. Experience wise, the lipsticks were dry and tugged on my lips. Heck, so dry, all the dead skin on my lips was lifted off and bunched up. This is a far cry from the lippiestix that I have grown to love. I was expecting the colours to glide on smoothly, instead I was fervently swiping the lipstick trying to crayon my lips.

The colours also transfer (and I expect them to), so my biggest demerit was how the pigment turns out blotchy and the tuggy appplication.

My rating: 2.5/5 (dry, tuggy, not the kind of formula I expect from CP)

For the same price, I say go for the lippiestix. Deja Vu will probably be similar to Lumiere, Exotic can be matched with Clique, and maybe Trust Me for Lexi. (or you can buy Nivea’s strawberry lip balm)

I usually give CP stuff the thumbs up, but the Blotted Lips fell short of the awesomeness I’m accustomed to.
Do you own the blotted lips? I don’t know if its a production thing but if you have otherwise to say please share in the comments!

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