REVIEW: Rue K Wave Action Melting Moisture Lipstick (OR206 Busking Orange)

Rue K Wave Action Melting Lipstick OR206 Busking Orange

Hi Everyone! Today I have a quick review on a brand which is new to me: Rue K Wave. I did some homework on the interwebs but didn’t manage to get much information, other than the fact that this is a Korean cosmetic brand.

Anyway, I purchased their lipstick from Qoo10 – the rue k wave action melting moisture lipstick. This comes with a range of 15 shades, I exercised some restraint and purchased only one, in the shade Busking Orange (OR206).

Read on for my first impression and how the lipstick fared. 💄

Price: SGD $11.90 on Qoo10 (price varies from seller to seller)

I found out that it costs 19,000KRW (about SGD$23.60)

Rue K Wave Action Melting Lipstick OR206 Busking Orange

Packaging: The item comes in a white paper box, with the same pop art polkadot print.

Scent: Reminds me of orange milk candy

I want to specially mention the lipstick cover is magnetic 😍 and snaps shut with a satisfying click. You can put this in your purse and not worry about the cap going rogue and ruining your bag.

For everyone’s convenience, here are the colour shades available (albeit not the most accurate):

Rue K Wave Action Melting Lipstick

Off the bat I would say most of the shades have whitish neon bases (does that even make any sense?), and may not be universally suitable for all skin tones.

Rue K Wave Action Melting Lipstick OR206 Busking Orange

Closeup of the bullet, I apologize for the graininess due to the rainy weather.

Here’s the swatch on my arm, the colour is a little different from the promotional pictures. In my opinion, the actual colour looks more like Sunday Brunch or Library. I suppose if you intend to purchase multiples, I recommend just buying the core colours, since the other shades are just a +/- 1 shade off.  I would imagine the hot pinks (Heart Attack, Fashion Week, and Music Festival) to be very close in real life.

Rue K Wave Action Melting Lipstick OR206 Busking Orange

My rating: 5/5 (hydrating, pigmented, affordable)

I feel that they are hydrating and the colour payoff is superb. The colours are slightly out of what I usually wear and can be intimidating if you are not the type to wear vivid lipsticks.

Consistency wise they are very similar to the Revlon lip butter lipsticks. If you loved those, you will most likely love these too. Despite the buttery application, the bullet does not smoosh under applied pressure. However I did note that in the hot climate here the lipstick sweated a bit, so it’s best to keep it in a cool and dry place.

Being a buttery lipstick, I use this more like a tinted lipbalm – constant reapplications. The lipstick will transfer to everything your lips touch. If I choose not to reapply, what I notice after a couple of hours is a very slight tinge of colour on my lips that looks semi-matte (but still not transfer proof).

Do you own the Rue K Wave action melting moisture lipstick as well? Please share your swatches with me as I’m still musing to buy more!

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