[AFTER THOUGHTS]: Heidi goes to STGCC 2017!

STGCC 2017

Hello Everyone, today’s post is a deviation from my usual beauty and skincare reviews. It’s the time of the year where I embark on my annual pilgrimage to the STGCC (Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention). Although the event may be well over, I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts and experience for this year’s convention.

Other than being a beauty junkie, I’m also an avid collector of toys and figures – primarily Japanese vinyl toys (sofubi), or if they fall under the colourful, and the cute. Last year I bought Tokidoki’s unicornos, this year my haul was slightly more different.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, I previously wrote about my STGCC 2016 experience. This year was equally as fun, in fact, we were blessed with more than what we set out to accomplish. 😍

Read on to find out more!

I attended this year’s convention for 2 sole purposes: to try to purchase T9G and Shoko’s blue marbled rangeas, byron and rangeron, and see if I could get lucky in the lottery at Instinctoys’ booth.

As with anything that requires queuing, my partner in toy crime and I woke bright and early and made our way to the location. Having been to last year’s STGCC, we knew that there would be loads of early birds, so we sought to be as early as humanely possible to get the best chance of having a good queue position.

You can probably see from the photo above the barricades which are set up to traffic the queue. Our efforts paid off and we managed to be in Row 1 of the non-VIP pass holders (a commendable improvement from 2016’s Row 4 😁)

The VIP pass holders entered at 9:30AM, whilst the general pass holders entered at 10AM. Admittedly I’m not that hardcore of a toy collector to purchase a VIP pass, but who knows if this may change in the future.

Once we were allowed in, I made a beeline for the HorNest booth. Along the way we picked up the lottery wristbands from the Instinctoy booth and then seamlessly joined the HorNest queue. Talk about being smooth operators πŸ˜‚Β Albeit our efforts, the line was already snaking beyond the booth, so we could only keep our fingers and toes crossed hoping we’d be able to purchase the sofubi toys.

That being said, I noticed that crowd control and queue management was significantly better managed this year, as compared to 2016. Queue cards were handed out, so there’s no way anyone can jump the queue or try to blindside the management. As a small time collector, I thought it was a good job done by HorNest!

Here’s a brief collage of the happenings at the HorNest booth, my eyes on the prize (Rangeas, byron, rangeron):

STGCC 2017 HorNest

At first impression, they’re beautiful. In particular I feel more for the byron and rangeron pair. Although the same marbling design concept is used this year and in 2016, this year’s colour thematic is more fluid. For some reason my last year’s pair were tacky to the touch, the paint was not completely cured and smooshed upon touch. Maybe last year’s items were a collaborative effort, but it’s anyone’s guess why there was disparity in the quality, when compared to the artist’s impeccable standards.

This year’s pair are cast by marbling the soft vinyl resin, so there’s no painting involved. To sweeten the deal, they glow in the dark. I’m beyond stoked; getting to own these two made the queuing and early waking worth every single bit.

Another thing I noticed was the artists were joined by 5 other artists: Mai Nagamoto (which I had the pleasure of getting my Innocent Anger autographed), Terriblewhore, Hariken (creator of Mad Panda & Are), Aliens Park, and Rato Kim (box cat 😻 !)

A better view of the products on display, while queuing:

STGCC 2017 HorNest

After that we ambled around the venue and waited for the lottery picking at Instinctoy’s booth. While waiting I lost all resolve and bought all the glitter liquid ice phone hangers. The photo below also shows the other items on display for the lottery.

I cannot resist colourful shiny things. πŸ˜‘

STGCC 2017 Liquid Ice Instinctoy

My high point in the convention was when we got lucky in the lottery – by we, I meant my partner in crime.


STGCC 2017 Erosion Molly Instinctoy

(original marketing images credited to Instinctoy)

The black Molly is a pre-order item with a very limited quantity, I can’t wait to receive it in the mail. The lottery process was beyond intense, the crowd was so crazy; and at some point in time I honestly thought chaos would ensue. It was my first ever toy lottery, and you could cut the tension with a knife when the numbers were being picked and announced.

The night after the convention, my better half told me that we were invited to an artist appreciation gathering that was organised by HorNest.


Wowzies, how often do you get to have a meet and greet with the artists you have an interest in?

Here’s a sneak of the night’s happenings:

STGCC 2017 Happy Hour XY Hotel Bugis

I will be sharing more on the happy hour gathering in the upcoming post asap, and of course about the artists and the location.

To wrap this post up, this is the combined effort of my better half, and my own purchases for STGCC 2017.

STGCC 2017 Loot

Will I be going for STGCC 2018? You bet.

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