REVIEW: Rohto Deoball Deoderant

rohto deoball

I perpetually live on deoderant. While there are many name-brands out there promising everlasting freshness and odour-blocking abilities, I’ve never once found something as formidable as the Rohto Deoball deoderant.

Yes, it looks a little like the EOS spherical lip balm. I would like to think of this egg-shaped deoball as nectar for my pits. 😀

Price: About $10SGD, bought mine in Japan (and subsequently hoarded 4 more)

Packaging: Actual item is an egg shaped holder with stick (in this case round) deoderant within, housed in a blister pack.

Scent: 4 scents available, ranging from floral to fruity. Mine says Sweet Musk but smells more like laundry softener (in a good way)

I have been using deoderants for as long as I can remember. From sprays, roll-ons, sticks: I’ve tried them all.

Personally speaking I don’t like using spray deoderant because I find that they darken the skin of my armpits (even if the bottle says whitening), plus they sometimes leave a white residue on my clothing.

For roll-ons I’ve not had raring success either. My Dove go-fresh roll on deoderant leaves a slick film on my skin, and after application I often have to blot away the excess product in a bid to make my pits feel drier. Anyone else has this issue?

So, my most successful category is the stick deoderant. Generally speaking across different brands, I find the stick deoderant gives the most comfort in application and stays dry.

Despite the debate that stick and rollerballs promote the growth of bacteria, my personal take is it all boils down to hygiene. I don’t re-apply deoderant frequently, I usually use it only after showering. If you’re the type to need re-applications and are concerned with cleanliness, then sprays are the best for you.

rohto deoball

Back to the Deoball. I added this to my basket while in Tokyo, because I was drawn to the portability of the item. Another factor was the scent. There were snuff bottles on display, and this range has the usual clean soap scent, and three other scents which are floral, fruity, and musky.

I have the one in Sweet Musk, which is a pleasant mix of floral musk. The actual ball of balm is about the size of an EOS sphere, and I have been using this daily for the past 3 months. But, I haven’t hit pan. So this product is very long lasting in terms of volume. Admittedly this is also more expensive than other drugstore deoderants, coming in at about 900-ish yen. Which converts to about SGD$10 or so.

One question I have is if the product is a half sphere or full ball. I’ll update when I eventually get there. If its a full ball, how does one get to the remaining product when the surface is leveled out?

I also didn’t contest the packaging’s callout of 24h longevity – because I treasure my showers very much. Generally speaking after a standard work-day I smell ok still, so you can expect the same if you were to use it.

The balm applies evenly and smoothly, with no tugging. The fragrance is adequately strong without being overly cloying. Even when I perspire, the scent does not “mutate” into any weird smell and remains largely the same. With other brands I’ve had the experiences when sweat mixes with the deoderant, the supposed odour-blocking properties change the scent into a sour-ish smell. Not cool at all.

The Rohto Deoball’s packaging is hardy. I have dropped this a couple of times from a height, but the item remains intact. The balm did not crumble and the plastic shell didn’t suffer any cracks.

With my success with this product, I am hoping they never discontinue the deoball. Since using this I’ve never wanted to buy another brand’s stick deoderant 🙂

My rating: 4/5 (long lasting, but price is a little on the steep end)

After I tried the Rohto Deoball, it makes my old Nivea stick deoderant pale in comparison – but I still use that as an alternative until it finishes.

If I were to rank the deoderants I’ve used before, it’ll be:

  • Rohto Deoball
  • Nivea whitening stick deoderant
  • Dove stick deoderant

Are you desperate or conscious about smelling not-so-pleasant? Give this a try, I promise you it’s good.

I don’t know for sure if Singapore carries the deoball, but you can try checking out Tokyu Hands or Don Quijote.

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