REVIEW: Make Up For Ever MUFE Step 1 Skin Equalizer

Howdy friends! It’s been a while since I last posted, and I found a little down time today to write about a face primer I recently started using.

Today’s review will be on the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer, otherwise known as MUFE’s mattifying primer. I bought this from Sephora during their 20% storewide sale a while back. I don’t usually shop at Sephora, but I love ambling into the stores and checking out what’s new and wonderful.

There’s a whole range of the skin equalizer primers, 10 actually. I specifically chose the mattifying one because I have oily skin. Plus, I wanted to see if the product lives up to MUFE’s reputation. This is a 15ml half size, the full sized product weighs in at 30ml.

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REVIEW: SANA Pore Putty Pore Flat Veil (Face Primer)

SANA Pore Putty - Face primer

Hi everyone, I had wanted to do Part 2 swatches of my new colourpop glosses but the rain wasn’t having any of it. And since I can’t take half-decent photos, today’s review will be on the SANA Poreputty Pore Flat Veil. Otherwise known as a mattifying face primer which boasts of erasing visible pores.

From what I can make out from the packaging and chinese text, I’m going to go on a large tangent and say this product serves to diminish large pores, has SPF, and is to be used as a base before foundation. Well it’s a Cosme ranking product so I didn’t need much persuasion to buy it.

Where did I buy it? Tokyo, in fact any leading drugstore there will carry it.

Read on for the overall experience 🙂

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REVIEW: Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish (Combination/Oily Skin)

Holika Holika Real Skin Finish

Today’s photos are a little on the dark side (haha, so punny), since it’s pouring out now as I am writing this post.

Before I continue on the review, I wanted to share that my hamster had 6 little ones on Mother’s Day. How apt right ❤ It came as a surprise because I thought she was a “he” until she popped. (Sorry about that Junior)

So, today’s review is on the Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish face primer. There are 2 formulas and I purchased the one for combination/oily complexions.

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REVIEW: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer [Oil Free]

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Oil Free)

Today’s post will probably cause a buying rush in Singapore, if you read my review. This is a Heidi Public Service Message. 😀
So I was Kinokuniya Bookstores the other day, just browsing hobby books, and suddenly my gaze fell on the April issue of the Style Singapore magazine. Guess what, this laura mercier foundation was the freebie.

We all know most magazines have freebies, no big deal right? NO. Let me explain why. I previously reviewed the Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer, and I’m still feeling the pinch from the $52 price tag even though I already enjoyed a discount.

I’m just budget, what can I say. I love good stuff, but I don’t want to fork a pretty penny for it. 😦

Now, the magazine costs SGD$5.50, and you get a 30 ml sample. With two magazines ($11), you get 60ml.. and so on so forth. To put it in perspective, a $52 retail price point would convert roughly to 9 magazines, with change to spare. And with 9 magazines, you get 270ml, which would’ve cost you SGD$280 RTP. Anyway, I didn’t go on a buying craze, I just got 2.

I always knew going to the bookstore/having the habit of reading would payoff eventually. ❤

Price: SGD$5.50 for the magazine (Retails $52 at local Sephora’s for the standard 50ml tube)

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Oil Free)

Packaging: Opaque nude squeeze tube with a twist on cap. The tube’s opening is small and allows you to control the amount of product to dispense.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Oil Free)

The primer is white in colour, and is pretty much scentless. The consistency is more of a gel lotion than a cream. The right word would probably be: “water based moisturiser-like”

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Oil Free)

Here’s a closeup of the primer, it’s on the watery side but doesn’t run. What I like about it is after you blend it in, it dries matte and doesn’t feel tacky nor greasy. After that I go on my usual routine of makeup. Observations include lesser sebum, and makeup was able to hold up longer without too much shine. Superb.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Oil Free)

My rating: 5/5 (high end but cheap – this time)

I loved my hydrating primer from day one, and the oil free variant was what I wanted to try after the hydrating one runs out. Thankfully my trip to the bookstore gave me an opportunity to chance upon this, I really am very pleased.

If you’re in Singapore, and you love Laura Mercier but yet don’t want to splurge, go check out the news-stands and grab a couple of copies NOW.



REVIEW: Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer

Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer

Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer

Happy Thursday! Today’s review will be on Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer (Hydrating). I got this at Sephora, upon recommendation from the beauty advisor. I’ve never used foundation primer since my experience with Sephora’s house brand primer, which gave me breakouts. Besides, the silicon feel was weirdly and too oily for my liking. However, I really like Laura Mercier’s formula. Apologies in advance for the lousy pictures, my camera isn’t shooting macros like it used to. (ah, old age)

There’s a range available: hydrating, SPF, for oily skin, normal.

The primer has a twist cap and holds 50ml of product. It’s retailing locally at $55, but I got mine during a 20% off sale. Yay!

Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer 2

Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer 2

The primer is milky white, translucent and more like a water based moisturizer. It’s absorbed fairly quickly and leaves a nice non-greasy finish. (Bad picture below!)

Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer 3

Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer 3

I use this everyday during my makeup routine, and apply this after my skincare, before my SPF and foundation. All it takes is 3 small pearls of primer to cover my face, and I like how it’s non-greasy after application.

In my opinion this is rather value for money, 50ml for SGD$55. The other brands available were around the same price range, but products were of smaller volumes. For example, Benefit’s Porefessional is going at SGD$48 for 22ml. Call me cheapo but I want more bang for my buck! I’ve been using it for a while now, and have not experience any breakouts. My skin also feels more supple and my makeup is able to last longer without giving me massive shine by mid-day.

Do you use the other primers in the range? I was torn between the SPF and Hydrating ones. Share your thoughts below!